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Why BERG Trampolines Are Better Than Smyth Toys Trampolines?

We get this question quite a lot what is the difference between trampolines from Smyth Toys and BERG trampolines or other trampolines from Trampolines Ireland.

Generally, trampolines from Smyths Toys will be lighter and cheaper than the more robust and durable trampolines from brands like BERG, Springfree, ETAN and EXIT available at Trampolines Ireland.

Pros and Cons - Trampolines from Smyths Toys



There are lots of Smyths Toys shops across the country so you can normally view one before you buy to decide as to whether the build quality will be suitable for your kids

Because they're lighter and cheaper, you won't get the same long life as you might with other more premium trampoline brands.

Trampolines from Smyths Toys will typically be cheaper than trampolines from more premium brands like Springfree, ETAN, BERG & Exit

Often a shorter warranty period than other brands. Warranty information not currently available on the Smyths Toys website. (May be supplied with the actual product).

will get the kids out of the house and keep them active all summer long

Because they are a lighter trampoline may be more susceptible to significant damage from storms and high winds. 
Can be hard to source replacement parts in the future.


Pros and Cons - Trampolines from Premium Brands including BERG, Springfree, ETAN, Akrobat & EXIT



Generally a longer life span 

Will cost more

Longer and more substantial warranties

See warranty info: BERG, Springfree

Heavier box to carry

Heavier construction as built to a higher standard

Typically delivered by a courier on a pallet

Likely to perform better as higher quality materials and components

Lasts for a long time. May need to donate to a neighbour or sibling when your kids grow up.


Summary - Reasons Why Parents Prefer BERG and Similar High-Quality Trampolines Over Trampolines From Smyths Toys

1. Build Quality

Brands like BERG, Springfree and others are well-known for the exacting standards of their products, attention to detail and superior design.

Whether its a BERG Go Kart or trampoline, or a Springfree set of Moving Wheels or a Basketball Hoop parents know that the products are to an exceptionally high standard and can be trusted.

2. Warranties

BERG and Springfree carry much longer warranties than trampolines from inferior brands, and their stellar reputation is a testament to the fact that they stand over their products.

The Springfree 10 Year Warranty on all components of the trampoline is a particulalry bold statement about the company's faith in their product.

3. Availability of Replacement Parts

Stores like Smyths Toys sell hundreds or perhaps thousands of different products and so perhaps it may not be realistic to expect them to carry spares for all of their products.

Trampolines Ireland on the other hand are a specialist trampoline supplier, and if you purchased your trampoline with us or you need parts for a brand that we carry then we expect to be able to help you with replacement parts.

4. Brand Recognition

Again premium brands rely on word of mouth marketing, and an exceptionally high level of satisfaction with their product. If you want to win the game as a premium grade trampoline supplier then your product needs to be best.

Time and again customers come to us looking for the brand, much more so than a generic 12 or 14ft trampoline.

5. Product Longevity

Quite simply premium grade trampolines are build to last.

You will know this as soon as you lift the box. We recommend that all trampolines are a minimum two-man lift.

6. Child Safety

With a superior product comes a higher level of attention to user safety, including

- wrapped safety net enclosures that offer an auto closing entrance/ exit,

- thicker foam padding over the springs,

- tighter joints where the parts of the frames meet,

- stronger trampoline safety enclosures,

- stronger jump mats and much more.

7. Performance

In keeping with higher build quality, stronger and heavier materials comes a better performance. From the reinforced trampoline frame to the springs, jump mat and enclosure.

In a nutshell, all aspects of the performance will be to a higher standard.

8. Customer Service

This extends to product knowledge and advice when deciding which trampoline to purchase, delivering the product on time and in excellent condition, and dealing with any issues that may arise in a professional and timely manner.


At Trampolines Ireland we know that you can buy a trampoline in many places and we need to make you glad that you bought your trampoline with us.

If you have any queries or you need assistance, please phone us on 01 960 1641.