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Which Type of Trampoline Will Be Suitable for Your Garden?

When you're considering purchasing a new trampoline for your garden there can be a lot of factors to consider, as we discuss in more detail in the guide below.

The key factors in deciding which style, shape and size of trampoline will be most suitable include - the size and shape of your garden, whether you have an exposed or windy garden or a more sheltered, enclosed garden and whether your soil is wet or dry for inground trampoline installations.

Criteria To Help Determine Which Trampoline Will Be Most Suitable for Your Garden.

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How to Decide What Trampoline you Need

1. Soil Type

There are a number of different soil types but for simplicity we have listed two basic variations:

(a) wet soil - water pools on surface

(b) normal, generally dry

Trampoline Recommendations for Wet Gardens Where Water Can Pool

If you have a damp or wet garden where water often pools on the surface of your garden, or you know that you are close to the water table level, this is likely to mean that your garden will not be suitable for an inground or flatground trampoline.

And instead will be more suited to a regular above ground trampoline.

The downside of installing an inground or flatground trampoline in a wet garden is that you could have your kids bouncing on a trampoline where the jump mat dips down into a pool of stagnant water as the kids use the trampoline.

With a regular above ground trampoline where the the jump mat is normally around waist-high, or approximately 1 metre high you should not experience any issues, even when installing in a garden that can get damp.

2. Location

where your garden is located will play a key role in deciding which trampoline will be the best choice for you.

Possible Garden Locations:

(a) windy/ exposed/ coastal,

(b) sheltered or enclosed garden.

Trampoline Recommendations for Coastal, Windy or Exposed Gardens

If you live near the coast or you've visited anywhere along the Wild Atlantic Way, you will understand just how strong the winds can blow.

For anyone living near the coast or in a windy location, we always recommend purchasing at least one set of anchors to ensure that your trampoline is firmly secured to the ground.

Additionally, in the event of a storm we recommend dropping the safety net - this usually takes a few minutes, and moving the trampoline into shelter if possible.

A lot of our customers who live near the coast also choose to opt for inground and flatground trampoline options, as these trampolines are much closer to the ground and so less likely to catch the wind.

Although the trampolines that we stock at Trampolines Ireland are very high-quality, durable and robust models, it does not pay to underestimate just how strong the winds can be.

Trampoline Recommendations for Sheltered or Enclosed Gardens

With a lower risk of wind or storm damage in a sheltered or enclosed garden, it still makes sense to have your trampoline anchored and in the event of stormy or windy weather to drop the trampoline net as that is something that can really take a battering during a storm.


3. Size

Typical Garden Sizes

(a) Small,

(b) Medium,

(c) Large

Trampoline Recommendations for Small Gardens

There are trampoline shapes and sizes to suit all gardens and the important thing is to measure and understand which type will be the best fit for your garden.

As a general overview, the most suitable trampolines for small gardens will probably be small round or rectangular trampolines where sizes start from as small as 4,5ft in the round size to 5x7ft rectangular.

These trampolines are available in above ground, inground and flatground styles.

Trampoline Recommendations for Medium Gardens

It really depends on the size and shape of your garden, what else you have in your garden and how much space that you are prepared to allocate to the trampoline.

Most medium sized gardens can often fit up to a large 12 or 14ft model, which is pretty large.

With medium sized gardens, the one key thing that we should mention is to remember to allow adequate clearance around the trampolines, between 1 to 2 metres or 3 to 6ft as recommended by your trampoline manufacturer.


Trampoline Recommendations for Large Gardens

Large gardens usually aren't limited by the size of the trampoline or the need to allow adequate clearance around the trampoline. Instead the important thing is to choose the model that your kids love the most, and in the event that your garden is exposed, (as can happen with larger trampolines) to adequately secure or anchor the trampoline to the ground.


4. Shape

When thinking about the shape of your garden - what is the actual shape of your garden, and then what is the shape of the area where the trampoline will go?

Common Garden Shapes -

(a) long or narrow,

(b) medium to large rectangular or square gardens.

Trampoline Recommendations for Long or Narrow Gardens

With long or narrow gardens, whether large or small rectangular or oval trampoline options will often be a good fit and make the best use of your space.

Trampoline Recommendations for Medium to Large Rectangular or Square Gardens

In a similar way to what has been recommended above with large gardens the choice is yours, whether round, oval, rectangular or square in above ground, inground or flatground orientations.

Last Word

For assistance with selecting the best trampoline for your space please phone Trampolines Ireland on 01 960 1641.