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Which Is The Best Springfree Model for Your Kids?

Springfree Trampolines have won a tremendous reputation for safety, product quality and longevity in a very short space of time. Customers frequently want a little help and guidance in deciding which Springfree model will be best for their kids, so we have prepared this short guide.

As a general rule, the more room that your kids have on the trampoline, the safer that their trampoline experience will be. Bigger is better.

Springfree Trampoline Shape - Suitability Guide

what is the best springfree trampoline model?


Round trampolines
  • smooth and even bounce,
  • traditional shape
  • available in 8ft, 10ft and 13ft sizes.
Oval trampolines
  • awesome for long, rectangular back gardens
  • best bounce through the center and near the rounded ends,
  • available in 8x11ft and 8x13ft sizes.
Square trampolines
  • wonderful, roomy trampoline for families,
  • even bounce right across trampoline,
  • available as 11ft square.

Springfree Trampolines Suitability Table

 Model Size Suitability Hot Spots
R54 8ft Round perfect for compact yards and younger kids 1
R79 10ft Round medium round, nice for more kids and larger gardens 1
O77 8x11ft Oval shape perfectly complements rectangular gardens with a longer jumping area 2
O92 8x13ft Oval the longer large oval builds on the strengths of the medium model and offers even more jumping room 2


11ft Square with 4 jump zones, the 11ft square is ideal for families and friends 4


13ft Round the biggest round trampoline available from Springfree with the most room, offering 132sq.ft jumping area. 1

What Is A Hot Spot or Bounce Spot on A Springfree Trampoline?

The manufacturers at Springfree understand that although most parents are aware of the manufacturer's recommendation that only one person or child should use the trampoline at one time, that this may not always be realistic.

So, they have designed a hot spot or bounce spot system that creates distinct bounce zones on the trampoline, designed to keep the users apart while using the trampoline.

Round trampolines will have one central jump zone or hot spot in the middle of the trampoline, oval trampolines will have two hot spots, one at either end of their oval shape, and square trampolines will have four hot spots or jump zones and so may be most suitable for multiple users.



How to Match The Shape of Your Garden to the Springfree Trampoline Range - Oval, Round & Square Trampolines.


springfree trampoline shape guide

R54 8ft Round - Compact Round

Perfect for small gardens and younger kids. Just because you have a tight space doesn't mean that you need to skimp on quality or safety with the Springfree R54, offering a 54m2 jumping area.

R79 10ft Round - Medium Round

The medium round, 10ft R79 offers a little more room for your children's boundless energy. 

​O77 8x11ft Oval - Medium Oval

 Another beautiful trampoline perfect for long or rectangular gardens.

O92 8x13ft Oval - Large Oval

As we explain to our customers, occasionally someone will phone us expressing regret that they have not purchased a larger trampoline. However, no one has phoned to tell us that their kids wish that the trampoline was smaller. 

S113 11x11ft Square - Jumbo Square

In a world of round trampolines, the Square Jumbo model offers something different in terms of shape, looks but not in terms of performance is up there with the best-bouncing trampolines on the market. 

R132 13ft Round - Jumbo Round

The largest Springfree Trampoline as you might expect is the R132 Jumbo, offering a jumping surface area of over 132 square feet.

Which Springfree Trampoline Will Be Best for You?

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