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What's So Good About An Oval Springfree Trampoline?

In recent years, oval trampolines have gained immense popularity for good reason – they offer the best of both round and square trampolines.

Their unique design boasts two key advantages. With a width of 8ft, similar to our smallest trampoline, they extend to lengths of 11 or 13 feet, providing a massive bounce area.

SUMMARY TABLE: Springfree Oval Trampolines



Aspect Benefits
Shape Ultimate hybrid of round and square trampolines
Size Width of 8ft, Length of 11 or 13 feet (model dependent)
Garden Space Suitable for longer, thinner spaces like inner-city gardens and can be positioned to one side
Bounce Experience Two distinct 'Bounce Hotspots' for a more even and balanced bounce
Gymnastics Popular choice for experienced bouncers and gymnasts, offers space for tricks and flips
Safety Features Springfree SoftEdge Mat with yellow strip for precise landings; Enclosure Net guides jumpers
FlexiHoops and Tgoma Interactive App Enhances play with basketball court option and interactive gaming experience
All-Rounder Suitable for all garden sizes, families, and skill levels


This makes oval trampolines perfect for longer, narrower spaces like inner-city gardens. Even in square gardens, their shape allows for smart positioning, maximizing precious garden space.

Unlike round trampolines that tend to pull jumpers towards the middle, Springfree Oval Trampolines feature technology that creates two distinct 'Bounce Hotspots,' offering a more even and balanced bounce experience.

Unleash Your Inner Gymnast!

For more experienced bouncers and gymnasts, oval trampolines are a dream come true. Their elongated shape provides ample space for tricks, flips, and tumbles.

The synchronized movement of all the mat rods during bouncing ensures a powerful and consistent bounce. Safety is paramount when practicing gymnastics, and Springfree has you covered.

The yellow strip around the edge of the Springfree SoftEdge Mat helps jumpers locate the mat's center even in their peripheral vision, facilitating precise landings.

The Enclosure Net plays a crucial role by guiding stray jumpers back towards the center, and its flexing rods ensure a cushioned fall, preventing injuries.

A World of Fun and Play!

Oval trampolines open up new dimensions of play, and Springfree makes it even more exciting. With the simple addition of two Springfree FlexiHoops – one at each end – your Oval Springfree transforms into an awesome basketball court. It's perfect for kids and adults alike to practice their slam dunks! Just like our trampolines,

FlexiHoops are designed with safety in mind, featuring no hard surfaces in the jumping area. But the fun doesn't stop there. Introducing Tgoma (Taking Gaming Outside and Making it Active) – an amazing interactive accessory from Springfree.

Four sensors on the trampoline mat connect wirelessly to a tablet via Bluetooth, turning bouncing into an engaging and interactive experience. Tgoma offers a wide range of games and apps, including educational options for children and high-energy fitness programs to challenge both body and mind. With Tgoma, your family will relish more time outdoors, making the most of your incredible Oval Springfree Trampoline.

The All-Rounder for Every Family!

Whether you have a large or small garden, a big family or a few members, and whether you are a novice or an experienced bouncer, the Oval Springfree Trampoline is the perfect fit for everyone.

Its innovative design and safety features will enhance your bouncing experience and bring endless hours of joy to your family. Embrace the excellence of the Oval Springfree Trampoline today!