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How to Play Panna Football - Games, Rules, Courts & Cages

Soccer never stops evolving and one of its most recent revolutions is Panna Football as we explain below.

Panna football is a contemporary form of street soccer, with its roots in the streets of Amsterdam in the 90's. A panna is playing the ball through your opponent's legs, also known as a nutmeg, tunnel or brooksy. As a sport it is extremely popular in Holland, Denmark, Germany, Japan and Russia.

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All You Need to Know About Panna Soccer

1. What is a Panna?

A panna refers to the intentional passing the football through your opponent's legs. This can also be referred to a nutmeg, a brooksy, a tunnel or a codling.

2. How Is Panna Played?

Panna is normally played as 1 on 1 game, or as a 2 on 2 game.

In the two on two game you need to retain possession of the ball after a panna is scored.

Panna is a fast, three-minute game where you kick the ball through an opponent’s legs to win [Panna] or if that doesn’t happen, score the most goals to win.

play panna football in ireland

3. Where Is Panna Played?

Panna is normally played in a purpose built Panna Cage or Panna Court.

Types of Panna Cages or Courts include

  • inflatable panna court,
  • wooden panna courts,
  • metal and plastic panna cages with nets

4. How big is a panna court?

The game is played on an area of at least 5m x 5m and maximum 7m x 7m with two goals of at least 80cm x 40cm and maximum 100cmx60cm.
The recommended official panna cage is 6 diameter with two goals of 90cm x 50cm.

5. Who Are the Most Famous Panna Players?

Edward van Gils

If Amsterdam is the birthplace of street football, Streetkings’ Edward van Gils is widely regarded as the sport’s godfather.

Jack Downer


Jack Downer is the Superball Panna World Champion, the face of the sport, with endorsement deals from the likes of adidas, EA Sports and Puma.


Takuto Kogoru

Takuto Kogoru from Japan won the WC Panna Knock Out.


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