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What Are the Most Popular Trampolines at Trampolines Ireland?

As one of Ireland's leading outdoor toy specialists we get a lot of calls from customers trying to decide which trampoline will be the best fit for their garden, with their kids and so we decided to create the guide below, explaining which trampoline models are most popular and why.

ireland's most popular trampolines

The Most Popular Trampolines for Small Gardens

Especially if you live in one of our cities or a terrace its likely that you're going to have a smaller garden, and in this scenario there are some fantastic trampoline options.

Most Popular Flatground Trampolines for Small Gardens

BERG recently released a super compact square flatground trampoline - the Champion Flatground 200, measuring 200x200cm making it the perfect fit for any small garden,

The smallest round flatground that we have available is the 8ft Etan Premium Flat in green or grey, 

ETAN have a wide range of square and rectangular trampolines called their UltraFlat range specifically for small gardens.

Most Popular Inground Trampolines for Small Gardens

BERG also offer in their Favorit range a 200cm round inground model, their tremendously popular 280x190cm Ultim Favorit rectangular model, and a 9ft round model in either the Champion of Favorit range.

ETAN and EXIT also offer beautiful inground trampolines for small gardens staring from 5x7ft rectangular from EXIT, the 9x6ft from ETAN, and in round 5ft from EXIT and 8ft from ETAN.

Most Popular Above Ground Trampolines for Small Gardens

Probably because of the rectangular shape the BERG Ultim Favorit 280 9x6ft model would be our most popular prick for small gardens. Other models for small gardens from BERG include the the 6ft round and 9ft round models.

ETAN and EXIT offer the same sizes are for their inground options those being 5ft round from EXIT, 8ft round from ETAN and 5x7ft rectangular from EXIT, and 9x6ft from ETAN.

The smallest above ground trampoline from Springfree is the R54 - 8ft round model, equivalent to 10ft in another brand because they don't require padding around the edges that cuts down on jump space.

Most Popular Trampolines for Medium Gardens

For medium-size gardens in the round shape we have a wide range of sizes from BERG, ETAN, Springfree in EXIT starting at 8ft.

Popular Round Size Options: 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 11ft, 12ft models.

Most of those being available in either above ground, inground or flatground orientation, with or without safety nets.

Popular Rectangular Size Options: 7x11ft, 8x13ft 

The 7x11ft Ultim Champion from BERG is available as either an inground or a regular above ground model. The 8x13ft from BERG is available as either a regular above ground, inground or flatground option.

ETAN and EXIT also similar sizes in regular above ground, inground and flatground options.

Popular Oval Size Options: 8x11ft from BERG and Springfree.

BERG offer the 8x11ft Grand Champion in both inground and above ground verisons, while the Springfree 8x11ft O77 is available as an above ground trampoline.


Most Popular Trampolines for Large Gardens

When it comes to large gardens there are a lot of choices. Size, shape and orientation all coming into play.

Most Popular Round Trampolines for Large Gardens

Overall the traditional round trampoline is still the most popular shape that we sell and for large gardens the most popular round models are the 12,5ft and the 14ft. Particularly the 14ft.

The 14ft trampoline is the largest round trampoline available from either BERG, ETAN or EXIT.

The largest round trampoline from Springfree is the 13ft Jumbo, which actually equates to approx 15ft, as the jumpmat goes right out to the edges because no padding is required.

Most Popular Oval Trampolines for Large Gardens

With large gardens where you have ample space the oval models from BERG and Springfree are also extremely popular - much more popular than you might expect (because of the size).

The large Springfree oval model is available in 8x13ft and is the O92.

BERG offer large oval trampolines in the following sizes - 

17x11ft - Favorit, Champion and Elite ranges,

15x10ft - Champion range.

The BERG oval models above are available as either above ground or inground trampolines.

Most Popular Rectangular Trampolines for Large Gardens

Some people just love the shape of the rectangular models and how they look in the garden. For others its more of a performance thing, where their kids are into dance or gymnastics and they want an even bounce and the space to do cartwheels, somersaults, and so on.

But regardless of the reason, rectangular trampolines are extremely popular, although often a little more expensive.

The large BERG rectangular model is the Ultim 500 model, available in both the Champion and Elite ranges, as either a regular above ground or a flatground trampoline. 

Rectangular Trampoline with Stunt Wall

The flatground version is available with or without a safety net, and a stuntwall is also available for this trampoline.

EXIT also offer a number of large premium rectangular models, both the above ground Peak Pro and the Flatground Dynamic Trampolines, with either a safety net or Freezone safety tiles.

Most Popular Trampolines for Younger Kids

Take your pick, as the kids will be young and light a standard model will be fine, and they will get years of value and enjoyment from your investment.

If you want something more robust then perhaps the Champion, Springfree or premium ranges from ETAN and EXIT.

Most Popular Trampolines for Older Kids & Teenagers

When your kids to start to get that bit bigger and heavier we tend to recommend a Champion or one of the more premium models, if the budget permits, as they will handle the heavier loads better and will typically endure better than standard models.

Most Popular Trampolines for Gymnastics

For budding gymnasts, a rectangular trampoline will normally be the first pick because they have a firmer and more even bounce across the trampoline and their shape is the most accommodating for jump and tricks.

The rectangular is closely followed by the oval as this model also offers lots of room.

Most Popular Trampolines for the Safety Conscious

Springfree tends to be the most popular trampoline choice for those who resonate with their claim to be the world's safest trampolines.

They also offer a 10 year warranty on all components.

Most Popular Trampolines for Damp Gardens

For damp gardens, we recommend regular above ground trampolines. With inground and flatground trampolines installed into a damp garden there is a risk that the pit will fill with water.

You can dig a test hole and check if that fills with water, but generally if your garden is very damp or waterlogged an inground or flatground trampoline won't be suitable, and an above ground trampoline will be your best choice.

Most Popular Trampolines for Coastal Gardens

For coastal garden popular options are the Springfree trampolines because they are covered by a 10 year warranty, and inground and flatground trampoline options because they are less likely to catch the wind.

Additionally, flatground trampolines are the heaviest trampolines available.

Sometimes parents will choose to buy a flatground or inground model without the net, as the net could potentially catch the wind.

Most Popular Trampolines for Patios and Decks

The short answer is that trampolines can be installed on hard surfaces including decks, patios, concrete and tarmac yards and so on. The only thing is that being installed on a hard surface may be a little more jarring or wearing on your trampoline.

One way around this is to purchase some rubber tiles that you can fit underneath the trampoline legs to both reduce shock on the trampoline frame, and also to protect your deck, patio, yard etc.

Above ground trampolines, large or small, and any shape will generally be most suitable for hard surfaces.