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What Are the Most Popular Climbing Frame Accessories?

There is no denying that the climbing frame will be one of the most used pieces of outdoor play equipment that comes to your home. However, it is a big decision and one that is worth spending some time considering and planning.

As a general rule the traditional climbing wooden frame with slides and swings is the most popular. Swing variations like tyre swings, gymnastic rings and nest swings are also very popular, as well as platforms and towers, rope bridges, play houses, climbing walls, cargo nets and rock walls.

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Top Climbing Frame Component Options

1. Climbing Frames with Swings & Slides

In terms of your traditional climbing frame, people often picture a large wooden frame in the garden with swings and slides coming off it in different directions with squeals of laughter and glee as the kids have fun in the garden.

Adding slides and swings to the climbing frame is one of the most straightforward and obvious options, and they are most common because they are the most popular with the kids, so its an easy choice to make.

Popular Swing Types Include:

  • nest swings/ pizza swings,
  • disc swings,
  • woodens swings,
  • baby swings,
  • hammocks,
  • rubber swings,
  • glider swings,
  • seesaw swings.

2. Climbing Frames with Monkey Bars

Your overhead monkey bars are a close second to the classic swings and slides option, and when you think about it a climbing frame really does point to an overhead climbing component, that will develop agility, strength and flexibility in your kids, as they learn to swing with one hand.

With more time being spent on screens than most parents are happy with, whether phones, tablets, x-boxes or TVs spending some time on the monkey bars really will benefit your children's physical development at an important time in their lives.

3. Climbing Frames with Playhouses, Huts & Forts

Equally popular with boys and girls, whether as a fort or hut for the boys or as a traditional playhouse for the girls, having an outdoor playhouse as part of the climbing frame just gives them that extra level of ownership.

They now have a whole space that is entirely theirs where they can put their things and enjoy their own independence. The only problem that you coulkd have is getting them to come back into the house!

4. Climbing Frames with Platforms & Towers

Climbing frames with platforms and towers normally come with slightly larger climbing frames, and the largest climbing frames are available with two, three or even four towers, usually connected by rope bridges.

Having platforms and towers as part of your climbing frame brings that added level of excitement where the children can climb up and down from the platform, or perhaps move between the platforms as they learn to navigate and to get comfortable with being that little bit higher up.

It also adds an entirely new dimension to all of their games and taps into their imagination and creativity. 

5. Climbing Frames with Rope Bridges

They could be walking the plank or escaping from a tyrant but rope bridges really bring a new element of play to the whole thing, elevating them above the ground in a safe way, developing their confidence with heights and in themselves.

Rope bridges typically connect two towers or platforms.

6. Climbing Frames with Cargo Nets

Cargo nets or climbing nets can be a very simple and low cost addition to your climbing frame that will really challenge your kids as they manoeuvre up the climbing nets testing their grip strength, leg strength and arm strength.

7. Climbing Frames with Rock Walls

Again climbing walls and rock walls are amazing for your children's strength, co-ordination and balance as they develop hand strength and determination climbing to the top. 

8. Climbing Frames with Sand Pits & Mud Kitchens

Sand pits and mud kitchens are perfect for younger kids and make the climbing frame a play area for all ages, as the younger ones may be more drawn to the mud kitchen and sandpit, while the older ones will be playing pirates  on the rope bridge and traversing the monkey bars.


Climbing Frame Components Table - Advantages & Disadvantages

 Climbing Frame Option Advantages Disadvantages
Swings & Slides easy to use,
low cost, 
don't take up too much room,
kids love them,

may be more popular with younger kids

can grow out of

Monkey Bars develops strength and co-ordination, 
real kid favourite

important to supervise use,

soft surfaces beneath are key

Playhouses & Forts

keeps them dry on a wet day, 
gets them outdoors on a wet day,

their own space

builds independence and responsibility

keep it where you can see it,

be careful they don't get too cold

Platforms & Towers

builds familiarity with heights,

new element of adventure,
climbing up and down,

great for using up energy

important to supervise use,

soft surfaces below are extra important

Rope Bridges

opens up new opportunities,

move between apparatus above the ground,

pirates, castles & tree houses come to mind, 

supervision recommended,

watch out for rope burns,

soft areas below important

Cargo Nets

great for climbing on,

low cost and easy to install,

tons of fun

again soft area beneath needed

Rock Walls

have fun climbing,

builds balance and agility 

soft area beneath,

supervision recommended

Sandpits & Mud Kitchens

perfect for younger kids,

hours of fun,

develops fine motor skills & movement patterns

a little bit of cleaning may be required.


Final Word

Whether you go for a huge climbing frame with all the bells and whistle or a more basic model more suited to your garden or budget, your kids will be thrilled to bits and the enjoyment that they get will be well worth the price that you pay.

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