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Waiting for A Trampoline Installer?

Post-lockdown lots of us have been extremely eager to get all of our little jobs done, but what we're finding now if that getting someone to do those little jobs is a lot easier said than done.

With demand for labour in Ireland and Northern Ireland at an all-time high we have the following tips for getting your inground or flatground trampoline installed fast.

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How to Get Your Inground or Trampoline Installed Fast

1. watch the videos in the guide below - 

Inground & Flatground Trampoline Install Guide

Video 1 - inground trampoline installation,

Video 2 - flatground trampoline installation.

By watching the videos referred to above, you will understand what you are seeking someone to undertake, and you can share these videos with them to give them an overview of what will be required.

It will also give some confidence that this won't be some insurmountable challenge, but instead is very straight-forward.

2. refer to the hole size guide below

Trampoline Hole Size Guide here

3. consider breaking up the task

You could have landscapers and mini-digger drivers who will be extremely comfortable digging a hole for you, but won't want to assemble a trampoline.

Alternatively, you could have handymen that can assemble your trampoline in no time, but they can't drive a mini digger.

This is something that it may be important to be aware of, as ultimately it could save you a lot of time, and allow you to get the trampoline installed faster by splitting those two tasks.


3. prioritise the digger driver

If you can only hire one guy, hire the digger driver as once the hole is properly dug, installing the trampoline is a relatively simple task.

Trampolines are designed to be built by parents and they are well-designed to include the assembly process and instructions.


4. adhere to the instructions

By following the instructions you will undoubtedly save time and heartache.

If in doubt, read the instructions again.


5. trampoline assembly in two parts

Broadly speaking the trampoline assembly can be split into two parts - 

(a) trampoline frame, springs and jumpmat,

(b) trampoline safety net.

The trampoline frame, springs and net can normally be completed in less than one hour. Just make sure that everything has been properly tightened, and that you have followed the instructions.

Have a break for a drink of water, some tea or coffee or a bite to eat.

Then its time to take on the safety net. We recommend having one or two people to help you, as they can hold poles while you tighten them and so on.

Again assembly of the trampoline safety net will take approximately one hour.


Where to Find Trampoline Installers

You may be lucky enough to find someone who will both dig the hole and assemble your trampoline, but if you are not that lucky we would suggest breaking it down into the following two tasks - 

(a) digging the hole, and

(b) assembling the trampoline.

We would then go about looking for someone to take care of this for you by - 

1. doing a google search -

for example - "mini digger driver Glencullen, Dublin"

2. by searching on sites like donedeal 

3. by sharing a post on your social networks

like facebook, twitter and so on explaining what you are looking for

4. by talking to people that you know

In Ireland we have incredible interpersonal networks and a word of mouth recommendation goes a long way.

For any queries please phone us on 01 960 1641.

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