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Trampolines Ireland FAQ

Most Frequently Asked Questions That We Get At Trampolines Ireland

What is the difference between an inground and a flatground trampoline?

Both types of trampoline require a hole. Inground trampolines have a small step onto the trampoline, and flatground trampolines are flush with your grass.

Flatground trampolines are generally more expensive than inground trampolines because the trampoline frame is sunk into the ground and is treated differently.

What are the most popular trampoline sizes?

It really depends on the size of your garden and how much space that you want to devote to the trampoline but very generally the most popular family-size trampolines are often the 12,5ft or 14ft round trampolines.

However, especially in recent years rectangular and oval models have also become extremely popular.

What is the difference between BERG, Springfree, Etan and EXIT trampoline brands?

BERG, Etan and EXIT are all premium quality trampoline brands from Holland, and their standard is very high across all brands.

Springfree is a New Zealand trampoline brand that features a springless trampoline design, and who have won many awards for being the world's safest trampoline.

How many kids can use the trampoline?

Trampoline manufacturers will always err on the side of caution, and will typically recommend that one child use the trampoline at one time.

How soon can you deliver a trampoline if I order today?

We typically deliver within 48 hours, provided that we have the trampoline that you want in stock. If its something that we're waiting on to arrive we typically deliver within the week. We have weekly trampoline deliveries from most of our suppliers.

What accessories will I need when buying a trampoline?

RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES - Above ground trampolines: 

1. trampoline ladder,

2. trampoline anchors.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES  - Above ground trampolines:

1. trampoline covers,

2. basketball hoops,

3. sunshades,

4. moving wheels. 

What accessories will I need when buying an inground or flatground trampoline?


1. safety nets,

2. trampoline covers,

3. stunt walls,

4. basketball hoops,

5. sunshades.

Do I need a safety net?

All above ground trampolines are sold with safety nets. If you're buying an inground or flatground trampoline then although safety nets are recommended, they are optional.

Generally the younger that your kids are the more that we would recommend a safety net.

What is the Trampolines Ireland Price Match Guarantee?

We do offer the best prices in Ireland on the trampoline brands that we do sell, BUT if somehow you can find the same model cheaper available in Ireland, then we will match that price. 

(Sale price to include any associated charges eg shipping).


  1. you get the trampoline that you want
  2. at the lowest price
  3. from Ireland's leading trampoline retailer,
  4. with the best customer service.

How deep do I need to dig the hole for an inground or flatground trampoline?

Please see the hole size guide here.

How do I install an inground or flatground trampoline?

Please see the installation video guide here.

How long does it take to assemble a trampoline?

Regular above ground trampolines typically take two to three hours to assemble. See video guide here.

How many people do I need to build a trampoline?

Generally for most trampolines it is recommended to have two people to assemble.