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Trampoline Scrappage Scheme for Ireland & NI

Lots of our customers when they come to us are upgrading their trampoline and many have enquired about the availability of trampoline scrappage schemes.

Following ongoing consultations and negotiations with our suppliers of premium quality trampolines, we're pleased to announce Ireland's first trampoline scrappage scheme, for old and end of life trampolines.

What is A Trampoline Scrappage Scheme?

A trampoline scrappage scheme is a new initiative launched by Trampolines Ireland, with the intention being to help parents replace old, end of life trampolines with brand new, premium quality models to a much higher standard.

trampoline scrappage scheme ireland and ni

Lots of parents out there are aware that their trampoline has seen better days, and could do with a refresh and the trampoline scrappage scheme is designed to help provide that little extra incentive to remove the old trampoline before it becomes a hazard.

How Much is the Trampoline Scrappage Discount?

Trampolines Ireland will pay a 50.00 euro discount towards a new trampoline purchased with Trampolines Ireland, provided that you qualify for the scrappage scheme and that the scheme is still running.

How to Qualify for the Trampoline Scrappage Scheme?

To qualify for the trampoline scrappage scheme, just use the following discount code at checkout -

50.00 euro discount code: scrap50

What Types of Trampoline Qualify for the Trampoline Scrappage Scheme?

All trampolines qualify for the trampoline scrappage scheme, whether its a trampoline that you bought at Smyths or your local toy shop, an indoor rebounder or an inground or flatground trampoline, all end of life trampolines in Ireland and Northern Ireland qualify for the Trampolines Ireland scrappage scheme.

What Happens to the Old Trampoline?

We suggest taking it to your local recycling centre or scrap dealer. When you do that you know that its no longer lying around waiting for someone to get injured on, and has been responsibly disposed of.

Upcycle Your Trampoline

There also other ways that you may be able to upcycle it in your garden, by using the various components for different purposes, 

Ideas to upcycle your old trampoline.

When Did The Trampolines Ireland Scrappage Scheme Launch?

Trampolines Ireland launched Ireland's first trampoline scrappage scheme on 8th August 2022.

Who Benefits From A Trampoline Scrappage Scheme?

1. parents get a little nudge to get rid of older and possibly unsafe trampolines and save some money on their new trampoline,

2. kids get a brand new, premium quality trampoline with solid warranties, excellent bounce and tons of fun,

3. Trampolines Ireland as the scrappage scheme operator ,sells more trampolines as Ireland's leading premium quality trampoline outlet.

When Will the New Trampoline Arrive?

Typically your new trampoline under the trampoline scrappage program will arrive with 48 hours from date of purchase, so you will have a beautiful, new premium quality trampoline in your garden instead of something that has seen better days.

How to Find Out More About the Trampoline Scrappage Scheme?

Please phone us on 01 960 1641 to receive your trampoline scrappage discount code today!