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Training Drills for Soccer Goalkeepers

Top Reflex Training Drills for Goalies

The best way to improve your reflexes as a goalkeeper is by practicing drills that challenge you to react quickly. In this article, we will discuss some of the best reflex-building drills for goalkeepers.

Goalkeeper Drill #1 - “multi-ball reaction drill”

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The first drill is called the “multi-ball reaction drill”. To perform this drill, you will need at least three balls. The objective is to keep all of the balls in play as long as possible. Start by standing in front of the net and tossing one ball into the air.

As soon as the ball leaves your hand, catch another ball and toss it into the air. Continue doing this until all three balls are in play.

Goalkeeper Drill #2 - “triangle reaction drill”

The next drill is the “triangle reaction drill”. To perform this drill, you will need a goalkeeper glove and three balls. Stand in front of the net with one ball on each side of your body, about two feet away from your sides.

Throw one ball into the air in front of you and catch it with your right hand. As soon as that ball hits the ground, throw another up into the air to your left while catching it with your left hand..

When that ball hits the ground again, toss another up and catch it with both hands (this time using gloves). Continue doing this until all three balls are used or if they fall out of play beforehand!

Goalkeeper Drill #3 - “diving forward reaction drill”

The final exercise I am going to discuss is called the “diving forward reaction drill”. This exercise requires four balls, a goalkeeper glove and two cones (or other markers). Place two cones on either side of your body in front of you at a distance of about three feet apart.

The idea behind this drill is to jump forwards off one leg while catching balls with both hands simultaneously from each side before landing safely again without falling over any obstacles or hurting yourself!

Kids Goal Posts at Trampolines Ireland

The drills I have discussed here are all great for improving reflexes among goalkeepers, but there are many more out there that may be better suited for specific situations such as facing penalties during games where time allowance might not allow much training beforehand; so don’t forget those too!