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Top Tips When Choosing the Right Playhouse for Your Children

Kids Playhouses for Outdoor Fun All Year Long

Outdoor playhouses can keep your children occupied for hours at a time. They provide a safe form of entertainment and naturally, these units are in extremely high demand. This is why it can be a bit challenging to choose the most appropriate design.


If you are not certain what to look for, the information found immediately below will come in quite handy.

Let's examine what the professionals have to say so that you can make an informed decision that your children will absolutely love.

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Wood or Plastic?

The majority of playhouses are constructed from either wood or plastic. While plastic is lightweight and easy to transport, it will not offer the longevity that is associated with wood. There can also be times when plastic playhouses suffer premature damage and will have to be replaced.

This is why most experts feel that wood is the wiser choice. However, let's also remember to keen the notion of sustainability in mind. Ask if the wood has been derived from renewable resources. This will help to lower the overall carbon footprint of your home while still providing your children with endless hours of fun.

A Question of Versatility

It should be noted that quality playhouses represent a very real form of investment. This is why you should purchase a model that is highly versatile. Otherwise, children may become bored with its amenities within a short period of time.

For example, can the structure double as other make-believe items such as a school or a spaceship? Does it come equipped with elements that children can manipulate (such as windows that open or perhaps even an external ladder to climb atop the roof)?

Any outdoor playhouse should be able to cater to vivid imaginations, so examine its features in detail before making a final decision.

Is A Bigger Playhouse Better?

Children will often grow in spurts. It therefore makes little sense to purchase a playhouse that is too small for their needs. Simply stated, it is normally wise to invest in slightly larger dimensions so that it can "grow" with your children.

As a general rule of thumb, select a playhouse that will allow at least two children to fit comfortably inside. You can therefore rest assured in the fact that it will provide years of use as opposed to being relegated to the rubbish heap within a short period of time.

Choose Durable Playhouses for Your Little Ones

Playhouses will be exposed to a fair amount of wear and tear caused by children. Of course, they also need to be designed to withstand harsh weather conditions on occasion. This is why it is only logical to pay slightly more in order to obtain a durable design.

If you happen to choose a wooden model, ask a company representative if the boards have been treated with waterproofing or anti-rot protection. Examine any moving parts such as hinges.

Above all, determine what type of warranty has been provided by the manufacturer. Most high-quality playhouses are equipped with warranties of between five and ten years.

Safety Trumps All

Finally, always make it a point to examine the safety features offered by the playhouse. Keep an eye out for any gaps between windows and doors that may cause injuries.

The same holds true for sharp edges such as bolts or nails. In terms of any windows, select models equipped with shatter-proof vinyl or PVC glazing. All of these features will help to reduce the chances of a child becoming injured.

A Bit of Knowledge Will go a Long Way!

Many of us still have fond memories of a garden playhouse when we were children. So, why not pass on this very same sense of fun and excitement to the younger generation?

Knowing what to look for in a quality playhouse will allow you to select the most appropriate option without breaking the bank. There is no doubt that your children will thank you for such efforts!