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Tips for Upgrading Your Trampoline with Trampolines Ireland

As Ireland's leading trampoline supplier we get phone calls all the time from customers going through the various options, models and prices.

Some of those customers go on to purchase a trampoline with us usually due to a combination of the following -

  • we have Ireland's largest range of premium quality trampolines IN STOCK,
  • we have a reputation for excellent customer service,
  • the brands that we sell have excellent reputations for performance and durability.

But not everyone buys with us initially, and sometimes they will opt to build a lighter, cheaper trampoline from another supplier. However, what we do find is that when people are upgrading their trampoline that they are much more likely to buy from us, because they understand just how much time and enjoyment that their kids get from the trampoline.

how to upgrade your trampoline

As we have explained before In the same way that your first car might be a banger, a lot of times when people buy their first trampoline they can be a bit cautious of overspending. If your friends or sibling's kids own a Springfree or BERG trampoline, then you will often understand the difference and might save yourself some time.

Reasons Why Customers Will Upgrade Their Trampoline 

1. Storm Damage

Sometimes when there are heavy storms your trampoline could get damaged beyond repair. When that happens buying a whole new trampoline might be the most economical option instead of starting to replace a lot of parts.

We tend to see the most significant damage to lighter and cheaper trampolines, that perhaps have not been adequately anchored.

Wind-Proof Trampolines

2. You Bought A Banger The First Time

When you see how much use and enjoyment that your kids will get from the trampoline, you will be more open to investing in a higher quality trampoline.

We get it, there are so many gifts that we buy that never get looked at (think hoverboards), so we understand when parents don't want to overspend on the trampoline initially. However, when people choose to upgrade they usually spend more because they know that the money spent will be worth it.

3. You Have Moved Home

You have moved home and now have room for a bigger trampoline, or a different shape trampoline or an inground trampoline.

Trampolines can be quite quickly and easily dismantled, and moved to a new garden, so the choice whether to keep the one that you have or to upgrade will be yours.

How to Disassemble Your Trampoline

4. You Have A Larger Family

As your family expands you may want a bigger trampoline, or perhaps a 2nd smaller trampoline for the younger kids.

5. You Want An Inground/ Flatground Model

Everyone loves the novelty of something new and inground and flatground trampolines definitely have the wow factor.

Installation Guide - Inground Trampolines

6. The Last Trampoline Has Passed Its Use By Date 

BERG and Springfree trampolines have excellent warranties, extending to 10 years plus on the frames, however, sometimes when a piece of equipment has been heavily used it you may be ready for a replacement. 

Tips for Upgrading Your Trampoline

1. Invest In A Brand

Companies that build brands have so much skin in the game, in terms of their reputation and customer service, that the small premium that you will pay for a good brand will be worth it many times over in the performance and longevity of the product.

2. Consult the Kids

Before you decide to surprise them, it might be a good idea to consult them. They will have become the trampoline experts over the years and they may have a good idea of what they would like next time round.

Do they want something similar to what you have had or is it time to try something different?

3. Consider Size & Shape

Maybe the first trampoline was too large or too small, or perhaps just right, but with your next purchase this is the time to fully consider and to buy the best trampoline for your kids in your garden.

Round, oval, square or rectangular in inground, flatground and above ground options. We have trampolines for all tastes and requirements.

4. Speak to the Experts

We have a huge amount of experience and look forward to providing helpful advice and guidance. You can phone us on 01 960 1641.

5. Move Out the Old Trampoline

Especially if you have a smaller garden, make sure to get the old one moved out before you begin building the new one, to allow yourself enough room to build it.

Is it in good enough condition to gift to a friend or neighbour or will you be bringing it to the recycling centre?

6. Consider A Hoop & Other Accessories

A basketball hoop with your trampoline might just give it that extra bit of shine, other popular add-ons include ladders, anchors, moving wheels, sun shades and all weather covers.

7. Book it

Don't wait too long. Before you know it, the spring/summer will be over and your kids will have grown up.

Reasons Not to Upgrade Your Trampoline

It may seem a little counter-intuitive to the title of this article, but there will be times when you won't need an upgrade but might only need some replacement parts.

We always suggest looking at it economically, and if the cost of the replacement parts exceeds or is close to the price of a new trampoline, then we would be recommending a new trampoline.

We supply replacement parts for all of the brands that we sell.

Most Common Parts for Replacement Include:

1. trampoline safety nets,

2. trampoline padding around the edges, covering the springs,

3. trampoline jump mats,

4. trampoline springs,

5. poles for the trampoline safety net, especially after a big storm,

6. trampoline frames - quite rarely.


Final Word

If you need any assistance with upgrading your trampoline please phone us on 01 960 1641.