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Tips for Getting Fit on the Trampoline for Kids & Adults

Are you looking for an easy and fun way to stay in shape? If so, you should try trampoline exercises. These fun activities are great for cardiovascular health and can help tone your body and increase flexibility. 

trampoline workouts for kids and adults

Here are some excellent tips for getting fit on the trampoline:

  • Jumping jacks.
  • Basic bounce down.
  • Running.
  • Pelvic floor jump.
  • Knee pull up.
  • Cross kick.
  • Side kick.
  • Surfer twist.

    Read further to find out how you can get started with trampoline fitness. So, jump in and enjoy the fun.

    1. Jumping Jacks

    Jumping jacks are an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, as they increase your heart rate and promote blood circulation. If you do enough jumping jacks, they can also burn plenty of calories. 

    Here's how to do jumping jacks:

    1. Take a position in the middle of the trampoline with your feet under your hips.
    2. Start with your hands shoulder-width apart, then jump up, straightening your arms as you reach the top of your jump.
    3. Bend your knees slightly as you return to the starting position.
    4. Keep doing this for two minutes.

    2. Basic Bounce Down

    If you’re looking for a simple way to enjoy your trampoline and get fit at the same time, consider a basic bounce down movement. This movement is fun, helps to tone muscles (including your glutes and core abdominal muscles), and there is not much to learn. 

    The basic bounce down has only two steps:

    1. Place your feet about 6 inches (15 cm) apart in the middle of the trampoline.
    2. Bend both arms while ensuring your elbows stay at your sides, then gently bounce up and down.

    3. Running

    If you’re looking for a way to make running or jogging more fun, or you don’t feel like going outside and running in the rain or cold, move your trampoline inside and jump there! Running on a trampoline is much more enjoyable than running on the spot but still offers you the same benefits. 

    Running on a trampoline is done this way:

    1. Start by standing in the middle of the trampoline with feet under the hips.
    2. Bring up one knee towards your chest while alternating your arms.
    3. Keep doing it for several minutes.

    4. Pelvic Floor Jumps

    A good exercise regime should consist of a full-body workout that focuses on all your muscles. Performing pelvic floor jumps on the trampoline is a great way of strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. 

    Pelvic floor exercises are especially important if you have recently given birth or you are concerned about how the aging process will affect this area of the body. 

    If you have a trampoline, you can perform pelvic floor jumps on their own or as part of a comprehensive workout program. 

    Here’s how to do it:

    1. In between your knees, place a small block or ball.
    2. Jump up and down while slowly squeezing the ball.
    3. Continue for three minutes.

    5. Knee Pull Ups

    Strengthening and building muscle helps improve fitness but also helps you to burn more calories. Most people don’t enjoy pull-ups but if you do them on a trampoline, it can introduce an element of fun. 

    Knee pull-ups help develop your thigh, abdominal and back muscles, and are easy to do on your trampoline: 

    1. Put your feet under your hips and extend your arms in front at shoulder length.
    2. Pull your arms back as you lift one knee in front of your chest while keeping a 90-degree bend on the leg.
    3. Repeat for a minute, then switch to the other leg.

    6. Cross Kick

    If you don’t have a lot of time to spend exercising on your trampoline, you will need to prioritize certain exercises. In this case, consider implementing a round of cross kicks because these can help you work several muscle groups, including: 

    • Glutes
    • Lower back 
    • Abdominal
    • Thigh
    • Arms

    Below is how to perform cross kicks:

    1. Start with your feet wide apart. Keep your shoulders forward as you rotate your hips toward your left side and kick your right leg cross-wise. 
    2. Maintain a bend in the standing leg, and swing arms down toward the left side for balance. 
    3. Continue doing this for one minute, and then switch sides for another minute.   

    7. Side Kick

    Side kicks aren't only for martial arts, and help you to work many of the muscles in the lower body, including your core muscles. They are also excellent calorie-burners, and you can do them on a trampoline this way:

    1. Stand with your feet wide apart. Bring your fists forward and bend your arms. Use the rebound of a small hop to kick one leg out to the side, extending the arm on the same side. 
    2. For the second minute, switch sides and repeat.   

    8. Surfer Twist

    Are you looking for a fun trick to perform on your trampoline that can also help keep you fit and burn calories? Consider learning the surfer twist, which turns you into a land surfer! 

    This exercise is such fun that you won’t even realize how much time has passed, and can make your workout session easier. 

    Here’s how to do the surfer twist:

    1. Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart. 
    2. As you bounce down, rotate your body a quarter turn to one side and then bounce back up. Repeat, then switch sides. 
    3. Change sides every two twists. 

    Trampolines You Can Easily Get in Ireland

    You can get a wide range of trampolines in Ireland, and your only difficulty will be in choosing your favorite one from all the excellent choices. 

    Popular brands that are readily available in Ireland include: 

    • BERG 
    • Springfree
    • ETAN
    • EXIT

    One of the best-selling trampolines includes the BERG Favorit Regular, which is a great, hardy, and low-maintenance product. 

    The Benefits of Trampoline Activities for Adults

    When it comes to exercising, the first thing you may think of is walking or running. However, there's another way that can give you more health benefits: trampoline workouts.

    The following are some known health benefits of exercising on a trampoline:

    • Promotes cardiovascular health. Cardio exercise strengthens your heart, stabilizes your heart rate, and can help lower cholesterol levels. All of these actions will improve your overall heart health.
    • Relieves Stress. Exercising can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression in many people. Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good, reducing stress levels and increasing happiness.
    • Strengthens bones. Bone density is an important factor in longevity and good health. As we age, our bones become weaker, and exercises are vital to improving our bone density.
    • Improve strength, flexibility, and agility. Different muscles are involved when you exercise on a trampoline jump: your abs, glutes to your legs, and back muscles, which all help to build a strong body.

    How To Stay Safe When Using a Trampoline at Home

    Trampolines are generally very safe to use but you should always read and follow the safety instructions that come with it.

    Following these safety tips can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience when using a trampoline: 

    • If children are using it, there should be adult supervision at all times.
    • Ensure the trampoline is assembled correctly and is stable.
    • If you're using the trampoline in the house, position it far from furniture and sharp objects.
    • If you have any injuries, illnesses, or are taking any medications, consult your doctor before you start trampoline exercises.
    • Stop exercising if you feel pain, have breathing problems, or feel dizzy.