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Tips for Finding A Reputable Trampoline Dealer

How to Find A Good Trampoline Dealer

There are lots of different types of trampolines on the market and lots of different outlets selling trampolines, but we find that it pays to be selective.

As a general rule doing business with a trampoline specialist dealer is likely to produce the best outcome. Doing business with someone who knows their products and is able to stand over them especially when it comes to replacement parts and parts under warranty, is very important.

How to Decide Which Trampoline Dealer to Buy From?

1. Do they know the product well

When you are trusting someone with the health and well-being of your kids by using their product, it is important that the dealer actually knows the product and is happy to stand over it.

Most products including Apple phones are built in China, but the difference between recognised brands and no brand models is the design and quality control process.

When you buy a trampoline from a brand that you don't recognise or one that is not well-known for the quality of its products then it can be a bit of a lottery as to whether the purchase will be a good one or not.

2. Do they carry recognised brand names with a reputation for quality

When a dealer actually carries high-quality brand products from companies like BERG, Kidkraft, Springfree, ETAN and Dutch Toys then you know that the dealer places an emphasis on the quality and safety standards of the products that they stock.

Additionally, large recognised brands are more discerning in which dealers that they choose to offer their products, and normally choose to work with reputable and well-established businesses, so there is an element of quality control in that process alone.

3. Do they know the warranty periods on the models that they carry

This goes back to knowing the product, and its important that your dealer will be there to assist if issues arise with your trampoline. 

4. Will they help if you need replacement parts

With trampolines and similar outdoor products that have quite a long life span, often 10 years or more, and that get used quite intensely there is always the possibility that you will need replacement parts at some time, whether under warranty or not.

Sometimes we get calls from customers who have bought a trampoline from another dealer who is unable to help them with replacement parts. 

Things can always change in business but when a dealer has a longstanding relationship with a manufacturer there is a better chance that will be able to help you when the need arises. 

5. Do they answer the phone

This is a very basic test, but if you have difficulty reaching the trampoline dealer at the time that you wish to place an order, this may not bode well for down the line should you have any issues with the product.

6. Does their website carry an SSL certificate

lock symbol ssl certificate trampolines ireland

this is a basic level of online security, represented by the lock symbol in the top left hand corner of the computer screen, just before the begging of the website name, and indicates that this website can be trusted with payment and personal information for the purpose of completing your order.

springfree dealer listing - trampolines ireland


7. Does their website have links from reputable sources

Often reputable websites will have links to their websites from reputable sources, for example well-known media publications or links from the actual brands on their dealer page, like this - 

BERG Trampoline Dealers in Ireland

 berg dealer listing - trampolines ireland

Trampolines Ireland dealer listing at BERG Toys.

8. Does their business have an easy to find online presence

More and more business is being done online and if you find that the dealer that you're speaking to is hard to find online, then this could be something of a red flag.

Final Word

Buying a trampoline can be a big investment so it can pay to do a little extra homework, both in terms of the model that you will buy and who you will buy it from.

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