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Things for the Kids To Do on A Staycation in Ireland

Thankfully, Coivd has dissipated and most of the rules have been relaxed around facemasks and so on, but there are still some restrictions around travel particularly related to vaccination, and so this summer we expect staycationing in Ireland to remain extremely popular.

Staycationing is a relatively new phrase that refers to having your holidays at home, as opposed to going somewhere during your annual vacation or leave from work, but the key component for most remains - the weather.

things for the kids to do when staycationing in ireland

If you could get a written guarantee that you get 2 weeks of fair to sunny weather with minimal rain, most of us would happily accept. Alas, no such written guarantee will be forthcoming.

Things for the Kids to Do On Staycation

Luckily for the kids they get the whole summer off, whereas most of us will get a week or two to enjoy with them, so when staycationing what you're really looking for is fun things to do at home with your kids while you're off.

1. Upgrade The Trampoline

As this blog post appears on Trampolines Ireland, you will be none too surprised to see trampolines at the top of our list. But the fact remains that most kids absolutely love their trampoline and they typically get used more than any other outdoor toy.

The summer might be a nice time to upgrade your trampoline, and perhaps to sink it into the ground with one of our inground or flatground models.

The whole picking which trampoline to buy, taking delivery of your trampoline (normally within a few days) and then building that trampoline with your kids, and/ or digging the hole can be a project that they will remember for some time, and they will get tremendous enjoyment from post -completion.

There is no doubt that kids like to get stuck in when their parents are involved and this can be a great opportunity to bond and have fun.

2. Building An Outdoor Playhouse

As you can see we're building on the theme of having fun at home with the kids.

It might take you a few hours to build their new playhouse, but this will be nothing compared to fun and enjoyment that they will get from the playhouse all summer long and beyond.


3. Buying An Outdoor Pizza Oven

Anyone for pizza? Has anyone ever said "No"?

We have a fantastic range of new pizza ovens that will bring out the Jamie Oliver in you, as you get to relax with the cold beverage of your choice.

Remember, that you're staycationing so you can take some time to make amazing pizzas every evening if you want to, and we're sure that there will be no shortage of takers.


4. Installing A New Climbing Frame

Like a trampoline or a playhouse this is something that your family will have for a long time, and it might be the perfect way to invest those surplus funds that you might otherwise be giving to Michael O'Leary of Ryanair or Easyjet.

The thing about spending money in your home and garden is that you and your kids will reaps the rewards for weeks, months and years after a short 1 week or 2 week vacation comes to an end.


5. Assembling A New Basketball Hoop or Football Nets

In the same vein, a high-quality basketball hoop or set of football goals will be there for years, and what better way to spend time with your kids over the holidays than to have a few fun games of football or basketball and to relive your glory days.

It really depends how old your kids are as to how well that will go for you, so we recommend building up a good lead while they're young.


6. Relaxing In An Outdoor Pool with A Dome Roof

There is no doubt in our mind that the EXIT Swimming Pool range with dome roofs were designed for stayacationing.

Staycationing with A Dome Roofed Swimming Pool in Ireland


1. Build the pool,

2. Fill with water,

3. Turn on heater to heat water,

4. blow up your inflatable sunbed,

5. grab a cold drink,

6. lie back and relax,

How do you make a staycation fun for kids?

1. Compromise

Its a funny old world and sometimes what you think will be amazing and what your kids think will be amazing won't be an exact match.So when deciding what to do over your staycation the best thing to do is to compromise, to do some of what you want to do, and some of what they want to do.

Have a chat and find out what they would like to do, which not necessarily be the same as what you think that they would like to do.

2. Relax

Your children pick up on the energy of the people around them, and so if you're stressed about your staycation, then that will rub off on them too.

For example, sometimes we have an idea that once we fly to the other side of the world that we will be able to chill out and relax. But you can relax now, if you want to.

3. Have A Plan or An Outline of A Plan

In the immortal words of Dylan Thomas,

"He who seeks rest finds boredom. He who seeks work finds rest."

Dylan Thomas

Its ok to be relaxed but at the end of your staycation it might be nice to look back on a few things that you did together that will be memorable.

Staycationing Ideas for the Kids in Ireland

  1. Visiting some local natural attractions like the Cliffs of Moher,
  2. Spending a day or two on the beach,
  3. Fishing in nearby lakes or rivers,
  4. Mountain biking in your closest forest park,
  5. Camping in your back garden,
  6. Having a kids and adults football game or basketball game - you would be surprised by how rarely this sort of thing happens, and how much fun it can be.
  7. A day at the Zoo or outdoor animal park,
  8. Visiting one of Ireland's fantastic indoor water parks,
  9. Going out for buns and cake,
  10. Playing their favourite board games with them,
  11. Organising your own family sports day at the local GAA pitch,
  12. Helping them to build a fort.


Final Words

Ireland is a really beautiful place and attracts thousands and thousands of tourists every year, due to its comfortable climate, friendly and welcoming people and the huge range of natural attractions and historical landmarks.

There will be lots for you to do on a staycation if you spend a little bit time thinking about how to keep the kids entertained.

One other bonus of a staycation is that your kids will have wifi access as normal ;-)