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Storm Agnes - Trampoline Tips

quick tips to protect your trampoline over the next few days as Storm
Agnes blows -

1. secure your trampoline

If you have an enclosed garden your trampoline may be fine as it may not
catch much wind, but if not you should ensure that it is securely
anchored to the ground.

Anchor Ideas -

1. purpose-made trampoline anchors - available here [1],

2. diy trampoline anchors including -

   * blocks and bricks,
   * use a rope to secure between two or more immovable objects, like
trees or garages,
   * buckets or containers filled with water,
   * sandbags

2. drop the safety net

during a storm safety nets can catch the wind or be damaged by windblown

You can drop most safety nets within a  few minutes.

3. Move to a sheltered area of your garden if possible

some areas will be more exposed than others.

If its possible to move your trampoline to a more sheltered part of the
garden or even a shed we suggest doing that.

If you have any queries please let us know.

Stay safe!