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St Pauls Special School Beaumont Woods Dublin

Trampolines Ireland is delighted to support St Paul's Special School in Beaumont Woods, Dublin with the donation of a BERG Champion 430 Regular trampoline.

We all know the incredible benefit that a trampoline can provide to kids and adults with autism and we were very pleased to be able to donate a trampoline to St Paul's Special School with the kind co-operation of Sean Prunty of the Irish Society for Autism and Adrian Harkin, Principal.

Principal Adrian Harkin shares some of the key benefits of time spent on the trampoline for kids and adults with autism.

10 reasons to incorporate bouncing on a Trampoline into the day…

 1. Bouncing supports self-regulation…it can be calming or alerting, depending on the needs of the nervous system at any given moment

2. It provides proprioceptive input to the spine and lower body joints, which is also calming, organizing, and regulating

3. Improves body awareness and body in space

4. Helps the lymphatic system with circulation and drainage

5. Improves core strength

6. Movement helps the auditory system process

7. Improves lower body proximal stability and weight shifting

8. Supports attention to task and cognition

9. Supports visual processing and visual motor development

10. It is meaningful, purposeful, and fun!

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