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Should I Buy A Used Trampoline?

We understand that buying a new trampoline can be an expensive investment, and that sometimes people will consider buying a second-hand model.

As a general rule, parents should buy a new trampoline. When something is used it can be hard to accurately evaluate its condition and to be sure that is safe and fit for purpose. Any remaining manufacturer's warranty won't transfer when the trampoline is sold used and you won't have any warranty.

should i buy a used trampoline


Pros and Cons of Buying A Second Hand Trampoline

it could save you some money, at least in the short-term you won't really know what you're buying and there could be problems that a quick visual inspection may not highlight
you could find a trampoline in fantastic condition and get a really good deal you won't have any product warranty or guarantee on any of the components of the trampoline
you might get some extra parts thrown in for minimal cost eg anchors and ladders typically any remaining warranty does not transfer to the new owner when you buy a used trampoline
replacements parts outside of warranty can be expensive


The Benefits of Buying A Used Trampoline

1. Lower Price

If you're considering buying a second hand trampoline it will certainly cost less than it would if you were buying the same model new.

Perhaps 50% or less depending on the condition of the trampoline and how motivated the seller is to make a sale.

Typical Reasons Why Families Sell Their Trampoline

  • the kids have grown up and there is no one to use the trampoline,
  • they are investing in a new trampoline model,
  • they are moving house and don't have room for the trampoline.

2. With Trampoline Accessories

If the seller has purchased a number of accessories for their trampoline they may include those in the sale for minimal cost, because without the trampoline they will no longer have any use for those accessories.

3. Get Lucky

You might get luck and buy a fantastic trampoline in excellent condition that is relatively new and that is being sold at a low price.


The Risks with Buying A Second Hand Trampoline

1. Are You Buying A Damaged Trampoline?

Although you would run your eye over a trampoline if you were considering buying it, and might have a few bounces, you could be unaware of structural issues with the trampoline frame, and whether or not it has previously been damaged.

You would be unlikely to know this will a simple visual inspection and test bounce.

2. Parts May Be Missing or Have Been Replaced

You may not be aware if there are parts missing or if parts have been replaced with sub-standard parts.

3. The Trampoline Warranty Won't Transfer

When you buy a new trampoline you will typically have a warranty that can range from 1 year up to 10 years or more depending on which brand and model that you decide to purchase.

Springfree Trampoline Warranty

BERG Trampoline Warranty

When you buy a used trampoline any remaining warranty on the trampoline will be likely to be voided as trampoline warranties typically don't transfer on sale.

4. Can You Get Replacement Parts?

When you buy an older used trampoline model, there may be an issue with sourcing replacement parts, and at what cost.

You might think that the trampoline was cheap until you have to buy replacement parts that cost more than the trampoline.

When It Might Be Ok To Buy A Second Hand Trampoline?

We always recommend exercising caution when thinking about buying a used trampoline, but in the following situations it might be ok - 

1. Buying An Ex-Demo Model

If you're buying an ex-demonstration model from a reputable dealer who is prepared to stand over your purchase and will offer you a full warranty then this might be ok.

2. Buying From Family or Friends

If you know the history of the trampoline and you're buying from family, friends or a neighbour then this might be ok too.

However, the warranty will not transfer and its still very important to thoroughly check the trampoline to the best of your ability.

If you need any assistance or have you queries in relation to buying a used trampoline please phone 01 960 1641.