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Sample Workout - Irish Trampoline Clubs

Outline for a Typical Workout in an Irish Trampoline Club:

A. Warm-up

  1. Jogging or brisk walking for 5-10 minutes to increase heart rate and blood flow.

  2. Stretching exercises for the entire body to improve flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.

  3. Jumping jacks or other light cardio exercises to get the blood flowing and warm up the muscles used in trampolining.

B. Main Workout

  1. Trampoline Basics: Basic jumps, bounces, and turns, working on timing and technique.
  2. Trampoline Tricks: More advanced techniques such as flips and twists, done under the guidance of a qualified instructor to ensure safety.
  3. Trampoline Games: Fun games that incorporate trampolining, such as dodgeball or tag.

C. Cool Down

  1. Light aerobic exercise to lower the heart rate and prevent blood from pooling in the legs.
  2. Static stretches to improve flexibility and prevent muscle soreness.
  3. Guided breathing exercises to promote relaxation and calmness after a strenuous workout.

It's important to note that the exact workout routine may vary depending on the specific trampoline club, the age and skill level of the participants, and the goals of the workout. Additionally, safety measures such as proper equipment and supervision are essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable workout experience for everyone involved.