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Replacement Trampoline Parts

Trampolines will probably be the most used outdoor toy or piece of play equipment that ever comes to your home, so the possibility that you occasionally need to replace some components should come as no great surprise.

The trampoline parts that commonly need to be replaced include springs, safety nets, padding and jump mats, and the common reasons why these parts need to be replaced include wind and storm damage, and plain and simple wear and tear from persistent use.

replacement trampoline parts ireland

Reasons Why Trampoline Parts May Need to Be Replaced?

1. Weather Damage

Whether from too much exposure to the sun that fades and cracks your trampoline padding, or damage sustained to the safety net poles or safety net during a period of stormy or windy weather, the weather can be one of th emain reasons that you need to replace parts on your trampoline.

Typical weather damage includes -

  • faded and cracked padding from sun exposure,
  • bents poles and bolts from strong winds,
  • snapped attachments and lost caps again from storms and wind,
  • stretched springs from snow lying on the jump mat and padding.

2. Overloading

Most trampolines are designed to stand up to considerable weights. In fact some of the larger BERG models are tested right up to 600kg.

However, when you exceed the recommended user weight, perhaps by allowing more than one person at a time to use the trampoline, there is a risk that damage to the parts of the trampoline will occur.

Some of the parts that can become damaged by overloading the trampoline include -

  • snapped and broken springs,
  • torn jump mats, where the D-ring will tear from its harness sewn onto the jump mat

3. Simple Wear & Tear

As we mentioned earlier, the trampoline will perhaps be the most used toy, possibly indoor or outdoor that ever comes to your home, and will entertain not only your kids, but many of your neighbour's kids, plus your children's friends and cousins.

And with extreme use will come extreme wear on the parts. The parts that most often need to be replaced from wear and tear are mainly trampolines springs, jump mat and padding. And perhaps the safety net.

However, the fact that you need to replace parts is a good sign because it means that your children are getting value for money from your investment. Much better that they are wearing it out, that it resting in the attic or behind the couch like so many of their other toys that don't get used. 


Which Trampoline Parts Do You Typically Need to Replace?

The trampoline parts that you may need to replace include - 

Trampoline Safety Net Parts 

1. Poles

2. Bungees & Attachments to Connect Net to Poles

3. Carbon Fibre Rods/ Bands

4. Safety Net Pole Caps


Trampoline Frame Parts

1. jump mats

2. safety padding

3. bungees and bands connecting safety padding to the trampoline frame

4. springs

5. trampoline frame


1. Ladders & Steps

2. Anchors

3. Basketball Hoops

4. Covers

5. Sunshades

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Where to Buy Replacement Parts for Your Trampoline?

At Trampolines Ireland we supply parts for all of the trampoline models that we sell including - 

  • Akrobat,
  • Dutch Toys/ EXIT,
  • ETAN,
  • BERG,
  • Springfree.

We recommend that you always buy genuine replacement parts as they will be the best fit for your trampoline.

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