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Quick Reference - BERG Trampoline Buyer's Guide

When it comes to trampolines, BERG stands out as the world's leading manufacturer with unmatched quality and safety standards, making it the industry standard.

A properly constructed BERG trampoline offers a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience for kids, giving parents the freedom to focus on other tasks while keeping a watchful eye.

TABLE: BERG Trampoline Buyer's Guide


Trampoline Model Classification Springs Skirt Padding Frame
BERG Favorit Standard Goldspring solo springs 380mm width, 20mm thick (tapers to 10mm) Strong, steady, galvanized to prevent rust
BERG Champion Standard Double gold spring technology 380mm width, 20mm thick Strong, sturdy, rust-resistant galvanization
BERG Elite Standard Double gold spring technology 400mm width, 30mm thick (with flange) Large diameter, thick walls, solid zinc layer, rust-resistant black powder coat


  • Standard: Above-ground trampoline, requires safety net and step ladder.
  • Inground: At ground level with a small step-up, requires hole beneath the jump mat.
  • Flatground: Placed below the ground surface, level with the lawn, no safety net.

Each model offers different bounce characteristics, padding thickness, and frame design to cater to various needs and preferences.

Trampolining is an excellent way to keep children fit and active. It provides a fun cardio exercise that burns calories, improves balance, and allows children to blow off steam and de-stress. With such health benefits, it's hard to resist getting a BERG trampoline.

Why choose a BERG trampoline?

BERG strikes the perfect balance between reasonable pricing and robust quality. These trampolines are built to last, thanks to their clever design, solid construction, and high-quality materials. The springs are covered with a skirting to ensure safety, and the safety net comes with a self-closing entrance to prevent any falls.

When selecting a BERG trampoline, you'll find various classifications and models to choose from.

The three main classifications are

  • Standard,
  • Inground, and
  • Flatground trampolines.

Standard trampolines are above-ground and come with a safety net and step ladder.

Inground trampolines are at ground level with a small step-up and require a hole beneath the jump mat for clearance.

Flatground trampolines are placed below the surface of the ground, level with the lawn, and do not use a safety net.

Berg offers trampolines in three different shapes:

  • round,
  • oval, and
  • rectangular.

Round trampolines offer stability with evenly distributed springs, while oval ones provide a larger surface area for controlled jumps and reduced collisions.

Rectangular trampolines are ideal for those who want ample space for tricks and multiple users.

Now, let's explore the key differences between the Favorit, Champion, and Elite trampolines.

BERG Favorit

The Berg Favorit is an entry-level trampoline that combines excellent quality and safety at an affordable price. It uses goldspring solo springs for a stable rebound and has high-quality padding for safety and comfort.

BERG Champion

The Berg Champion is a premium trampoline designed for demanding users. It features double gold spring technology for a softer and deeper bounce, allowing for a larger jump area and additional load capacity. The padding is thicker than the Favorit, providing extra cushioning.

BERG Elite

The Berg Elite is perfect for long and safe jumping sessions. It also uses double gold spring technology and has thicker, wider padding with an additional flange to ensure a flat and gap-free surface. The frame is robust, with a solid zinc layer and rust-resistant black powder coat.


Whichever BERG trampoline you choose, you can rest assured that you're investing in a safe, durable, and fun outdoor playtime experience for your children.