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Outdoor Toys Guide: Our Favourite Outdoor Toys in Ireland

Yes, trampolines is what we are most well-known for, but we also offer a wide range of awesome outdoor garden toys, that we will jump into below.

Ireland's most popular outdoor garden toys include: trampolines, climbing frames, slides and swings, gymnastic mats, rebounders, go karts, playhouses, swimming pools, football nets and basketball hoops.

Our Top Picks - Outdoor Toys in Ireland

1. Trampolines

Trampolines are one of the all-time favourites when it comes to outdoor toys. 

Your kids will gets hours and days of pleasure either jumping with friends or by themselves, all the while improving their balance, leg strength and co-ordination.

Not to mention the impressive health benefits that includes burning calories, improving concentration and focus, expending energy that will help them to sleep, improving their mood and so much more.

Why Trampolines Are So Good For Kids

Trampolines are also incredibly beneficial for kids and adults with autism and similar conditions at it helps them to auto-regulate.

rory best does trampoline splits

Rory Best - Mid-Air Splits

The only real downside with trampolines is that they're not overly suitable for using during bad weather. Using the trampoline when it is a little chilly will be fine, but when its cold and wet, the trampoline won't get used a lot.

At Trampolines Ireland we offer a wide range of trampolines and accessories to suit all garden shapes, sizes and budgets too!


2. Climbing Frames

Climbing Frames are a close second in terms of the most popular outdoor toys for kids in Ireland. Provided that you have the room in your garden, a new climbing frame is one of the outdoor toys guaranteed to get your kids out of the house and into the garden to have some fun. 

Let their imaginations run wild as they fight dragons, make tea and buns, open their first shop and so much more in their new climbing frame.

Climbing frames are fantastic for developing strength and agility, helping to ensure that they get enough vitamin D3 from the sunlight, and spending times playing with their friends and siblings.

Available in wood or metal, we have climbing frames to suit your children, whether they're in their early years or they are teenagers we have climbing frames to suit all.

climbing frame swings and slides ireland

Metal Climbing Frames

Wooden Garden Climbing Frames

Climbing Frames for Teenagers

3. Slides & Swings

Swings and slides are the classic outdoor toys for kids that will never go out of style. Whether you have a large garden or a small one most gardens will have room for a slide and swing set, that will keep your kids entertained and content for hours on end.

You can view our swing & slide sets here.


4. Playhouses

Whether flat on the ground, on a raised platform or with a slide, once the door closes that is your kids' space and they will love it.

They can decorate inside, accessorise, colour in or just chill out.

To view our high-quality wooden kids' playhouses go here. 

5. Swimming Pools

Admittedly, swimming pools in Ireland generally have a quite a short shelf-life until, Dutch Toys launched their new range of heated outdoor pools, with canopy and dome roofs.

outdoor pools - swimming pools with dome roofs

Now, it won't really matter what it is doing outside your kids can splash, swim and have fun all summer long in their very own roofed swimming pool.

To see what all the fuss is about - go here.


6. Go Karts

BERG is probably the most well-known go kart brand in Ireland, and enjoys an amazing reputation for quality and value and they're built to last.

Check out Rory Best's New Go Kart HERE.

7. Basketball Hoops & Football Goals

As your kids grow up, their interests usually more towards sports, and that is where our high quality football goals and basketball hoops come into their own.

Whether they're playing with friends or just practising their skills, basketball hoops and football nets make staycationing this summer the perfect choice.

Basketball Hoops

Football Nets


8. Sandpits & Mud Kitchens

But when they're very young you can forget about footballs and basketballs, and instead give them some sand and mud any day of the week. 

For kids who love mud check out our Sandpits & Mud Kitchens here.