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New Trampoline for Ballyagran, NS Limerick

Once again, we're delighted to announce that The Irish Society for Autism have kindly donated another trampoline to one of Ireland's National Schools - Ballyagran NS, Kilmallock, Limerick.

As the Principal, Diarmuid Carroll shares -  

Ours is a rural, Co. Limerick school situated close to Charleville. Our main school was built in the 1970's with various, minor extensions through the 1990's and 2000's. 

We opened our first ASD class in 2015 in an existing classroom in the school. That July, we were sanctioned a 2 class ASD unit with associated works and spaces. 

We opened our 2nd class in September 2019 and "An Cuan" opened in January 2020. 

We currently have 12 pupils with a diagnosis of ASD in our school and 11 pupils enrolled in both classes in An Cuan. 

Pupils from all across South and West Limerick and North Cork attend daily. 

We have a number of pupils who struggle to regulate themselves and display significant sensory seeking behaviours daily. 

We believe that the addition of a trampoline would help us to better meet their needs in this regard which will hopefully assist them towards learning in their classroom environment.  

We have always tried to develop the school through the lens of inclusivity and best practice. 

We have always endeavoured to achieve this by taking a staged approach to developments since opening the ASD unit. 

Firstly, we targeted a tailor made sensory room, then an outdoor classroom followed by adjustments to the site to make it a safer space to manage any flight risks and currently we are developing further our sensory garden which we largely completed in June of this year. 

All this is done on a shoestring budget. Our school lotto which is in place for 30 years and its function is to benefit all pupils. 

We have had to draw heavily upon it to develop SEN elements of the school that will only be a daily advantage to a few. 

Parents and the school community have never questioned the decision to take this path which says a lot about how accepting and inclusive Ballyagran has proven to be for pupils with additional needs.