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Irish Society for Autism Donates Trampoline to CBS, Roscommon

We're delighted to announce that The Irish Society for Autism has kindly donated a trampoline to CBS, Roscommon as part of the Bounce for Autism program launched by Trampolines Ireland and The Irish Society for Autism in 2022.

As Principal, Kevin Scollan of CBS Roscommon shares the addition of a new trampoline will be a great resource for their students - 

We are a Catholic Boys' Voluntary Secondary School under the Edmund Rice Schools Trust (ERST) with a long tradition of delivering educational excellence in Roscommon and its surrounding areas.

 Our ethos is to promote the happiness, dignity, and self-worth of each student, inspiring them to become transformational leaders within the community. Currently CBS Roscommon offer 2 special classes catering for boys with Autism

Research indicates that trampoline activities offer valuable sensory input, aiding in sensory processing, coordination, and balance. These activities can provide a controlled outlet for sensory-seeking behaviors, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation.

By incorporating trampoline exercises into our SEN/PE program, we can
address individual needs while fostering an inclusive and supportive

At the heart of CBS Roscommon lies a profound commitment to fostering an environment where excellence is not just a goal but a way of life. Guided by a set of core values, the school's ethos encapsulates a vision of education that extends beyond the traditional boundaries of the classroom, harmonizing with the
principles outlined in the Edmund Rice Schools Trust (ERST) Charter.

1. Academic Achievement: CBS Roscommon prides itself on maintaining
high academic standards, a commitment that echoes the ERST Charter's
emphasis on providing quality education. The ERST Charter recognizes
the transformative power of education in unlocking the potential of
each student, aligning seamlessly with CBS Roscommon's dedication to
rigorous and challenging academic pursuits.

2. Character Development: More than just a center for academic
learning, CBS Roscommon places a significant emphasis on character
development, mirroring the ERST Charter's call to nurture the whole
person. In line with the Charter's values of justice, inclusivity, and
the promotion of human rights, CBS Roscommon aims to instill virtues
such as integrity, respect, and responsibility, preparing students for
a life of ethical decision-making and social responsibility.

3. Inclusivity and Diversity: In the spirit of embracing a globalized
world, CBS Roscommon is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse
community, a commitment that resonates with the ERST Charter's vision
of schools as inclusive places of learning. By fostering an
environment that celebrates differences, CBS Roscommon, in harmony
with the Charter, prepares students to thrive in a multicultural
society and contribute to building a more just and compassionate

4. Community Engagement: CBS Roscommon understands the significance of
community involvement in the educational journey, echoing the ERST
Charter's call to be in solidarity with those who are marginalized.
Through partnerships with local organizations and outreach programs,
the school actively engages students in the community, aligning with
the Charter's commitment to social justice and service to others.

In essence, CBS Roscommon's ethos, woven with threads of academic
excellence, character development, inclusivity, and community
engagement, finds resonance in the ERST Charter. By embracing the
principles outlined in the Charter, the school aspires not only to
educate but to inspire, equipping its students with the tools they
need to navigate the complexities of the world and contribute
meaningfully to society, in alignment with the broader mission of the
ERST network.