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How To Store a Springfree Trampoline in the Winter

Here's how to store a Springfree trampoline in the winter:

  • Keep your trampoline clean of snow.
  • Maintain your tgoma game system properly.
  • Use a winter cover.
  • Winterize your Springfree trampoline.
  • Disassemble your Springfree trampoline.
  • Store it in your garage or home.

  • springfree trampoline with snow

    This article will explain how to maintain and winterize your Springfree trampoline in the winter. It'll also touch on how to store your trampoline away if you want to disassemble it. 

    1. Keep Your Trampoline Clear of Snow

    Springfree trampolines don't need to be stored during the winter. If you want to use your trampoline when it snows, you're free to do so. However, you should take steps to keep the jumping pad free of snow. Otherwise, the weight of the snow may overstretch the rods. 

    You should clear snow off the jumping pad using a soft bristle brush or a broom. Shovels and other hard tools may damage or rip the jumping pad and should be avoided.

    When clearing the pad of snow, position your broom in the center of the jumping pad and pull the snow off the pad and towards you. Get rid of the snow through the zippered door.

    2. Maintain Your tgoma Game System Properly

    The Springfree tgoma gaming system allows you and your children to play games while enjoying the trampoline. It allows you to track your physical activity and participate in competitions. 

    Because it includes delicate electronic components, special care must be taken when maintaining the tgoma system during the winter. It can be used without issues as long as the temperature doesn't drop below 14°F (-10°C). All you need to do is clear it of any snow and ice before it accumulates. 

    However, if the temperatures drop below 14°F (-10°C), you should:

    1. Open the controller and remove the battery pack.
    2. Disconnect the cables connected to the controller.
    3. Remove the controller from the trampoline by cutting the cable ties that connect it to the trampoline frame.
    4. Wrap the disconnected cables with plastic and seal them to ensure that water from melted snow doesn't damage them.
    5. Remove the tablet holder from your Springfree trampoline.
    6. Store your controller, battery pack, and tablet holder carefully in your garage, your home, or any other covered structure.

    You can reconnect your gaming system once the temperatures rise and spring returns.

    3. Use a Winter Cover

    If you don't want to disassemble your trampoline but also don't plan on using it over the winter, protect it using a winter cover. This prevents water from collecting on the trampoline, damaging it and resulting in mildew growth. 

    However, mildew can also grow on top of the cover. If snow and ice accumulate on the cover, clear it away using a broom. Don't use a shovel as it can pierce the cover and also damage the jumping pad underneath.

    4. Winterize Your Springfree Trampoline

    If you're concerned about wind speed during snow storms, winterize your Springfree trampoline by using trampoline anchors to hold it to the ground.

    These anchors will also come in handy during times of high wind and are an excellent way for people living in areas prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, and cyclones to protect their trampolines.

    If your trampoline isn't anchored down, there's a risk that it will get blown around your yard if the winds are high enough. Not only will this damage your trampoline, but it will also damage your yard.

    5. Disassemble Your Springfree Trampoline

    If you're worried about leaving your Springfree trampoline up in your yard during winter, the best solution is to disassemble it completely. Disassembling is a good solution if you don't expect to use your trampoline when it's cold outside and don't have time to spend on regular maintenance. It's also a good option if you experience numerous storms over the winter. 

    You can also refer to the instructions in Springfree's official manual.

    6. Store It in Your Garage or Home

    Once you've finished disassembling your trampoline, the next step is to store it away safely. Ideally, you should store your disassembled trampoline in your garage or basement, where it will be protected against the elements and remain dry so no mildew grows on it. It should also be kept away from pests like mice and moths. 

    You can cover up your stored trampoline for extra protection, as long as that cover doesn't attract moisture and other things that can potentially damage your trampoline.

    Final Thoughts

    Your Springfree trampoline doesn't need to be stored away during the winter. With a bit of maintenance, you can continue to use it. You can also take measures to protect your trampoline without having to reassemble it when the weather changes. 

    However, if you prefer to pack it away, you should disassemble it completely and store it in a dry location, such as in your garage or basement, where it will be protected from moisture and mold.