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How To Remove the Rods From a Springfree Trampoline

Removing the rods and disassembling a Springfree trampoline can be incredibly intimidating. It does take a while, and there are precautions you should take, but it's not as difficult as it seems.

To remove the rods from a Springfree Trampoline:

  • Find and grab hold of the white mat rod.
  • Position yourself to remove the rod.
  • Push the rod out of the rod holder.
  • Remove the rod from the rod holder.
  • Pull the rod down and out.

  • springfree trampoline rods white

    In the rest of this article, I will go into detail on each of the above steps. Before you start to take the rods out of a Springfree trampoline, you should know that the process takes about 2 hours and that you need to have another person help you out. These rods can be very dangerous, so proceed with extreme caution.

    1. Find and Grab Hold of the White Mat Rod

    The first rods you need to remove on a Springfree trampoline should be easy enough to find. All you have to do is look for the white tags on the trampoline mat. The rods directly below the tags are the white mat rods. These rods should be removed one at a time.

    Once you've located these rods, have one person position themselves inside the frame of the trampoline under the mat with the other person on the outside standing up. 

    The person on the outside of the trampoline should be holding the rod. They should grab hold of the rod with their palm facing up, position their feet with one in front of the other, and bend their knees. The proper position of the feet is important so the person won't fall over if they make a wrong move.

    Once the outside person has a firm grip on the white mat rod with their feet positioned correctly, they should move the rod up and to the right to unlock it. They shouldn't let go of the rod once this has been done. Remember that the rods are still subject to tension at this point, so they should be handled extremely carefully. 

    2. Position Yourself To Remove the Rod

    While gripping the rod firmly, the person outside must bend their arm at a right angle and tuck their elbow into their hip. This will give them more leverage on the rod. Meanwhile, the person inside the trampoline should ensure that the outside person has their hands positioned correctly on the rod. One hand should firmly grip the sleeve of the rod near the top where the rod goes into the holder, while the other hand should press firmly against the corner of the rod holder.

    springfree trampoline rods black

    Then, the inside person should grab hold of the rod with both hands while keeping their face clear of the rod. All loaded rods should be treated with extreme caution until they've all been uninstalled.

    3. Push the Rod Out of the Rod Holder

    As the inside person continues to hold the rod with both hands, the outside person (with their elbow tucked into their hip) should start to rock back and forth on the balls of their feet, using their body weight to move the rod. In the meantime, the inside person should be ready for the ball on the rod end to go over the back of the rod holder while keeping a firm grip on the rod with both hands.

    It's important for both people to pay close attention to the rod and to be ready when it comes out of the holder. I cannot stress enough that these rods are dangerous when under tension. If you don't take tension into consideration, the rods will bounce out and injure one or both of the people attempting to disassemble it.

    4. Remove the Rod From the Rod Holder

    This is the most dangerous part of the whole process. It may feel like a relief to finally get the ball on the end of the rod detached from the holder, but you aren't out of the woods yet. You need to be extremely cautious during this step.

    To completely dislodge the rod from the rod holder, the inside person may need to give it a hard pull to detach it after the ball comes up over the back edge. The inside person should do this in a controlled yet firm manner.

    Both people should maintain a strong grip on the rod during this step to ensure the safety of everyone involved. When the inside person pulls on the rod to dislodge it, they need to make sure they don't pull too hard and yank the rod out of the outside person's hands. 

    5. Pull the Rod Down and Out

    Both people should maintain their grip on the rod after it detaches from the holder. If either person lets go while the rod still has tension, the rod will shoot out and cause injury if it hits someone. The rod should be pulled down first to give it room to get out. This will add tension, so both people should be ready and have a good grip. Pull the rod down carefully and move it out carefully.

    When taking the rod out, the outside person should keep their face clear of the rod. Both people need to work together to ease the rod into a resting position by slowly releasing the tension in the rod. Once the rod is in a resting position, you have successfully removed the rod from your Springfree trampoline.


    To remove the rods:

    1. Hold the white mat rod with your palm facing up.
    2. While holding the rod firmly, bend your arm at a right angle and put your elbow into your hip.
    3. Use your body weight to push the rod over the back edge of the rod holder.
    4. Wait until the ball on the rod comes over the holder.
    5. Pull the rod down and out.

    Once you've removed the first white mat rod, the rest is just repeating that same process over and over, removing each rod at the colored tags, and working in a counterclockwise direction.