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Trampoline Installers & Handymen in Ireland

Once you have decided to buy a trampoline the next thing to figure out is who is going to assemble or install it for you, and we discuss the options below.

To assemble your trampoline you can either do it yourself, or you can hire a local handyman or professional installer. Most trampolines can be installed in two to four hours, however with inground and flatground models there will be a lot of digging, so this is something to be aware of.

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Find A Trampoline Installer or Handyman in Ireland

If you are a trampoline installer or handyman or you know one that you would like to recommend please contact us here - Contact Form.

Basically, there are two options to get your trampoline assembled.

1. Do It Yourself

Trampoline assembly normally takes two to four hours. We recommend allowing one to two hours to build the trampoline frame, including trampoline legs, springs, jump mat and padding.

And then perhaps another one to two hours to fit the trampoline safety net poles and the safety net.

Installing an inground or flatground trampoline involves digging a hole for jump mat clearance, typically a bowl shaped pit, approximately three ft deep in the middle.

Often the digging work will be carried out by a mini-digger.

Allow an extra 30 minutes to build and fit accessories such as - 

trampoline basketball hoops, anchors and ladders.

See our trampoline assembly guides here - 

Inground Models

Regular Above Ground Models

Springfree Models

See Our Guide on Where to Locate and Assemble Your Trampoline


2. Hire an Independent Trampoline Installer Or Local Handyman

Ireland is quite a tight-knit country so often people will have someone in mind to do the installation for them.

If you don't this is what we recommend - 

1. phone Trampolines Ireland on 01 960 1641 to see if we have someone that we can recommend in your area,

2. speak to the people that you know to see if they can recommend someone for you, as word of mouth recommendations can be really helpful,

3. do a Google search for local handymen, gardeners and landscapers in your area.

Points to Note When Speaking to Your Trampoline Installer

1. How Long Will It Take?

With regular above ground trampolines, the installation process usually takes two to four hours, and is very straightforward.

With inground and flatground trampolines there will be quite a lot of digging, either manually or with a mini-digger so that could double the time required.

2. Access

Is there access to your garden if a mini-digger is required to dig the hole, or can it be dug by hand,

3. What Will You Do With The Soil That Is Removed?

It is important to know what will you do with the soil that comes out of the hole, and is there access for that soil to be removed?

4. Soil Suitability

Is your soil suitable - ie not too wet?

5. Hiring A Mini-Digger

If a mini-digger is needed discuss who will hire and pay for that, how much it will cost, and that it will be insured.

Common Pitfalls When Assembling a Trampoline

1. Digging the hole too big

Inground and Flatground Trampolines

This is something that has been reported to us more than once and so we recommend waiting until the trampoline has been delivered and building the trampoline frame before the hole digging exercise begins.

If you dig the hole too big, there is a high likelihood that the trampoline could slip into the hole during use and the hole may need to be filled and a new hole dug to accommodate the trampoline.

2. Digging the hole too small

Inground and Flatground Trampolines

Make sure to test the installation before the installer leaves as if the hole has not been made large enough the jump mat and springs may make contact with the edges of the hole when the trampoline is in use.

3. Testing the Various Attachments & Components

Just make sure that everything is tight and secure to prevent accidents and to get the best experience from your trampoline.

If you have any queries or you require assistance please phone 01 960 1641.