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How to Fix Squeaky & Noisy Trampolines Quickly & Effortlessly

If you've owned a trampoline or a neighbour has owned then you will be all too familiar with the noise that they can generate.

Now of course there will be screams and yelps of excitement, but what we want to look into today is to how to cure the squeaking noises that come from the trampoline frame and springs.

To make your trampoline quieter lightly spray the metal component joints and springs with WD-40. As a general rule trampolines can become squeaky when the frame joints rub together, and when the trampoline springs expand and contract during use. 

how to fix a squeaky trampoline

How to Oil or Lubricate Your Trampoline Frame & Springs

1. Remove the Padding 

Remove anything that covers access to the trampoline springs or frame, particularly the pieces that meet each other such as the joints on the trampoline frame, where the pieces connect together.

2. Clean The Parts

Give everything a quick wipe to remove any dirt or grime so that when the lubricant is applied that it adheres directly to the metal parts.

3. Apply Grease to the Trampoline Frame

Grease is harder-working and thicker than WD40 and is commonly applied to heavier items like car doors, and for that reason grease will be perfect for heavy-duty, hard working trampoline frames.

4. Lightly Spray the Trampoline Springs with WD-40

There are a few ways that WD-40 or a similar lubricant can be aplied to the trampoline springs. You can either apply the lubricant to an oily rag and then rub the trampoline springs individually, or you can lightly spray the lubricant from a cannister onto the trampoline springs.

Either method will have the desired effect of lubricating the springs to prolong their life and to make them quieter.

Best Places to Apply Lubricant to Make Your Trampoline Quieter

1. the top rail of the trampoline frame

this is the part of the frame that the springs attach to and forms that the main ring of the trampoline. Lubricant should be applied where the components join.

2. the trampoline legs

particularly if the trampoline is installed on a hard surface like concrete, the legs can squeak as the trampoline is used. We recommend grease for the trampoline frame and legs to be applied where the components join together.

3. the trampoline springs

the trampoline springs are best treated by spraying lightly with a lubricant like WD-40.

4. the trampoline safety net poles

These are not usually the cause of squeaking noises on trampolines, but if you treated everything else and your trampoline still squeaks you can check these next.

The Benefits of Lubricating Your Trampoline with WD-40

1. Promotes Better Relationships with Your Neighbours

We are firmly of the opinion that your garden is your domain, and that fences serves a very useful and distinct purpose. However, it goes without saying that having a good relationship with your neighbours is also very important.

A loud and squeaky trampoline can be a little bit intrusive and so spending some time lubricating your trampoline so that its a little less intrusive is a neighbourly thing to do, and we're sure will be appreciated by your neighbours.

2. Less Noisy for the Parents

It might not only be the neighbours that will enjoy a quieter trampoline, and it is likely that you will appreciate the reduction in noise that comes from treating your trampoline with a suitable lubricant.

3. Extend the Life of Your Trampoline

Treating the moving parts on your trampoline with a lubricant like grease or WD40 will serve to extend the working life of your trampoline and help to prevent deterioration of the parts.

4. Prevent Rust

Whether its the trampoline springs, the chain on your bike, the hinges on your garden shed or the latch on the front door, metal objects can be prone to rusting, eventually becoming brittle and either seizing up or snapping so to take the right care of your outdoor property, we highly recommend lubrication to prevent rust.

If you have any queries about looking after your trampoline please call Trampolines Ireland on 01 960 1641.