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How to Dry Your Trampoline Fast

If you live in Ireland, then its a reality that every now and then when the kids are ready to use the trampoline that its going to be wet.

The quickest way to dry your trampoline is with a few large towels. Begin by drying the padding first as then the water won't spill onto the jump mat from the padding when you begin to dry the jump mat. Within a few minutes, your trampoline will be dry and ready for use.

how to dry your trampoline fast

How to Dry Your Trampoline Quickly

1. Delegate the Task to Your Able Assistants

Drying the trampoline can be part of the fun, and can help your children to take some pride and ownership of the trampoline when they're involved in some small way to take care of it and to look after it.

2. Provide Some Large Towels

Once your kids have the towels all they need is a little elbow grease and the trampoline will be ready for use within 5 minutes.

3. Start By Drying the Trampoline Padding

We recommend drying the padding first, as this will prevent the water from pooling onto the jump mat from the padding, if you were to begin to dry the jump mat first.

4. Consider Using A Trampoline Cover

A trampoline cover is useful in a number of ways -

It keeps the trampoline clean and dry by covering the surface of the trampoline, both padding and jump mat.

Most trampoline covers will have small holes that will allow the water to seep through the cover so that it doesn't pool on the trampoline cover.

Once removed the surface of the trampoline will normally be bone dry and ready to use.

See our Trampoline Covers Guide Here.

If you have any queries about the maintenance or upkeep of your trampoline please phone Trampolines Ireland on 01 960 1641.