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How to Clean Your Trampoline for Spring

Spring is coming fast and your kids will be eager to get back on the trampoline, but one thing that certainly can't hurt at the beginning of the jumping season is to give you trampoline a quick clean so it looks good and is ready for use.
The best way to clean your trampoline jump mat and protective edge is with lukewarm soapy water or very mild detergent. Gently hose the jump mat and protective edge and scrub with a soft cloth any stains or marks from bird droppings, moss etc. Then hose once more to remove any trace of detergent.
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Questions Related to - How to Clean My Trampoline?

How do I get the green off my trampoline?

The reply to this question is the same as the one above and that is hose down the trampoline and then to gently scrub with a soft cloth.

The more frequently that you do this, the easier that it will be to remove any marks or discolouration.

Can I pressure wash my trampoline?
Pressure washers should not be used to wash a trampoline as the water pressure is too severe and could damage many of the materials and components of your trampoline. A regular garden hose can be used to wash your trampoline.

How do you get moss or algae off a trampoline?

Again we would recommend hosing your trampoline with a normal garden hose, not a power washer or pressure washer, and then scrubbing with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. This is usually very effective at removing any marks or stains from moss or algae.

Are Trampoline Covers Recommended to Keep Your Trampoline Clean?

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Yes, trampoline covers are fantastic for keeping your trampoline clean and dry but not for extended periods of time.

For example whereas a regular trampoline jump mat will allow water to pass through, so that it does not pool on the trampoline, a trampoline cover is solid and could allow water to pool.

There are ways around this for example by placing a ball under the cover.


Kids Show How They Clean Their Trampoline


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