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How to Assemble An Above Ground Trampoline - Trouble Shooting

We have customers building regular above ground trampolines almost every day of the week, and they are very straightforward to build, nevertheless issues can arise and that is why we have prepared the troubleshooting guide below.

The key thing about building a trampoline correctly is to follow the instructions. Typical issues arise around not building the trampoline components in the right sequence and not installing parts in the correct way.

When you take your time to follow the instructions the build will be much more successful.

above ground trampoline assembly trouble shooting guide

Above Ground Trampoline Assembly - Trouble Shooting Guide

We will list below the main issues that we have came across to help you quickly and effortlessly build your above ground trampoline.

1. Follow the Instructions

As a plumber explained to me once, the difference between a good plumber and a bad plumber is the ability to step back for a few minutes to have a cup of tea and to think through the project.

At the core of that idea is to give yourself a few minutes to read through the instructions and to absorb the manufacturer's method for building the trampoline.

A lot of time and money will have been invested in designing not only the trampoline, but the build instructions in a way that is the most optimal way for the trampoline to be built.

This is not the time to put your own spin on it, instead take a few minutes to carefully read and then follow the instructions.

2. Build the Components in the Correct Sequence

When the kids are eagerly standing by asking you if its ready yet, or how long its going to take you might feel under pressure to rush things, but we sincerely recommend against this.

As someone who has a lot of experience with needing to take things apart to do it again, I can advise that the best way to build your trampoline is by removing any time pressure, so that you can follow the instructions.

One component that can become very tricky if they are not installed in the right sequence is the trampoline springs.

They are designed to be installed at points - 12, 3, 6 and 9. If you deviate from that pattern the springs will become extremely tight and difficult to attach.

3. Check the Boxes That You Receive

Did you get everything that you ordered?

Did you get the right parts?

Did you get the right boxes?

At Trampolines Ireland, we do our best to ensure that the parts delivered are the parts that you ordered, however, sometimes mistakes can happen where a part may be missing from your box, or perhaps you might not have been sent the correct net.

When this happens we will do our best to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, but we wanted to draw it to your attention to check what you receive before you begin to prevent any unnecessary heartache mid-project.

4. Lay Everything Out Before You Begin

When you take the time to lay out the parts before you begin your mind will have the chance to process the scope of the project making it quicker for you to correctly assemble the trampoline.

You will become more familiar with the parts, and will begin to build a mental framework that matches the instructions.

This is also the best way to check that everything that you need has been delivered and not mid-way through assembly.

5. If You're Having Trouble Send Us Some Photos

We have experience with building trampolines so if you're having an issue please take a few photos and send them to us so we can assist.

If its not something that we can't help with we will contact the manufacturer on your behalf to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

6. If In Doubt Read the Instructions, Again (we know)

We know we have already recommended carefully reading the instructions before you begin, but if things aren't working out, we suggest going back to the instructions just to check that everything is as you thought.

7. Fresh Eyes

Sometimes we can get so bogged down in an issue that we can't see how to solve it. When this happens a fresh perspective that help to overcome this. 

Simply ask your wife/ husband/ partner/ neighbour/ friend to give you a few minutes to reassess.

If that doesn't work, get in touch with us.

8. Remember Gently Does It

If you're like me, it can get a little frustrating when a project isn't going the way that you think it should.

When that happens remember to stay calm and don't be too rough with the trampoline components. Although they will be durable and hardwearing you do not want to tear or rip anything in frustration, by exerting too much force.


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