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How Much Is A Really Good Trampoline at Trampolines Ireland?

When you're buying a trampoline its important to understand how the pricing works and what exactly that you are paying for when you buy a premium quality trampoline.

Premium quality trampolines differ from lower-priced trampolines in that they are usually built with higher quality materials that will be more durable, and hard-wearing and will typically be backed by longer and more dependable warranties from well-known brands.

As we explain to customers, you can buy a new Dacia Sandero car for just over 11,000 euro or a new BMW for 50,000 euro. There will be significant differences between those two models, and no one will need to explain to you that those two models are not the same.

What Determines The Price of Your Trampoline?

1. Brand

When you're purchasing a new item for your home, whether its a vacuum cleaner, a toaster or a ride-on lawnmower, it usually pays dividends to purchase from a reputable and well-known brand.

If we take the example of an electric toaster, by purchasing from a reputable brand you will know that a substantial, well-known in the market organisation stands over that product, and although it may have cost you thirty or forty euros to buy the toaster, they will have spent millions in building that brand, and they will protect it, by standing over their products.

By choosing to buy from a reputable and recognised brand like BERG, Springfree, ETAN or EXIT you have the reassurance that you buying from a professional and reputable company with very high product standards.

Not only do they spend money manufacturing their products, but they invest a lot of money in product testing, research and then providing ongoing customer support for their products, not least in honouring their generous product warranties.

Sometimes we overlook what goes into building a brand, but when you think about it, buying from trusted and reputable brands is the best decision that you can make when it comes to the safety and enjoyment of your kids.

2. High Quality Materials And Components

A Rolls Royce car weighs somewhere in the region of 2,500 kgs. An average car weighs about 1,300 kg.

Speaking from experience, when you lift a BERG trampoline you immediately know why its more expensive, because it is a whole lot heavier than lighter, cheaper trampolines.

With some things strength and durability can be measured by the weight of the product. Trampolines just happen to be one of those products.

3. Craftmanship & Engineering

This goes back to brand-building, and the cornerstone of a successful brand is the product.

You can't build a good brand with a bad product, as real brands are recognised more by what the customer says about the brand, than by what the company's advertising says about the brand. 

4. Warranty

One of the big benefits of buying from a reputable brand is the very strong warranties that they offer. For example Springfree offer a 10 year warranty on all components.

However, we must recognise that there is a cost to offering such strong warranties and part of that is in higher retail prices for the product.

To discuss pricing and models please phone us on 01 960 1641 for trampolines to suit all budgets and price points.