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Getting Your Playhouse Ready for the Summer

Looking after Your Kids Playhouse

Children will often spend hours upon hours within a back garden once the temperatures outside begins to rise and the sun is shining high overhead.

This is when the sheer joy of an outdoor playhouse becomes apparent. Still, we need to remember that (much like a normal home) these structures will require a bit of TLC in order to ensure their longevity.

Let's take a quick look at some of the steps to take when preparing your children's playhouse for yet another summer of fun.


Keeping Your Playhouse Clean

After a playhouse has been closed up tight for the winter, it is important to open up all of its doors and windows so that it can be aired out. In the same respect, check for the presence of any mould that might have accumulated remove it as may be needed.

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In terms of general cleaning, a bucket of warm water and detergent will normally be sufficient when wiping away any dirt or grime. This is also a great time to give the exterior and interior a once-over and to examine elements for any deterioration that may have occurred.


Stain and/or Painting Your Playhouse

It is wise to stain or paint the exterior of your playhouse at least once a year and generally before the start of summer. Of course, this is assuming that the playhouse is constructed from wood.

Paints and stains will provide a barrier against the exterior elements and naturally, they can brighten up the appearance of the entire structure.

Speak with your children and ask them to choose the colours. When selecting the paint or stain, always be sure that it has been formulated to be used on exteriors. You will otherwise encounter problems during the application process. Oil-based stains and paints are therefore the best solutions.

Time for a Much-Needed Makeover of Your Playhouse?

Children can easily become bored with a playhouse if it has existed in the same form for years. If you suspect that this is the case, ask them what changes they would like to make. Perhaps they want the exterior to resemble a rocket or a pirate ship. It could also be a good idea to include additional play elements such as a swing set or a slide.

The main takeaway point here is that children should be involved with the entire transformational process. This will teach them valuable skills and perhaps more importantly, they will once again grow attached to the playhouse itself.

Indoor Accessories

It is always wise to spruce up the interior when possible. This is when the term "play" takes centre stage within any playhouse. What elements can fit inside? A few spare tables and chairs can be used to create a dining room.

A throw rug will provide an extra sense of comfort and a handful of window blinds can provide children with a sense of privacy when inside. Still, take into account the amount of available space. The interior may otherwise become too cramped for comfort.

Is Your Playhouse Beyond Hope?

Unfortunately, there can be times when an examination reveals that the structure itself has suffered a significant amount of damage. Here are some common warning signs to watch out for:

  • A sagging roof
  • Window and door hinges that have become extremely rusted
  • Rot around the base of the exterior walls
  • Mould that cannot be removed (such as mould which has eaten into the wood itself)

In any of these cases, it may actually be better to remove the old playhouse and to select a modern replacement. Not only is a worn-down playhouse visually unattractive, but it may even pose safety hazards (such as the inhalation of unhealthy mould or nails which have become exposed).

These are a handful of sure-fire tips to ensure that your outdoor playhouse is ready for everything that the summer has in store. The good news is that all of the suggestions mentioned above are easy to follow and they will provide impressive results.