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Does Trampolines Ireland Have the BEST Customer Service?


As Ireland's largest specialist trampoline retailer, they have built a reputation for providing top-notch customer service that goes above and beyond their competitors.

In this article, we will explore the reasons why Trampolines Ireland stands out in the market, from their extensive inventory and homegrown Irish roots to their commitment to timely delivery, warranty assistance, and informative blog.

1. Inventory: A Diverse Selection of Trampolines

One of the key reasons Trampolines Ireland has earned the title of having the best customer service is their vast inventory. They boast an extensive selection of trampolines from well-known brands like BERG Toys, Springfree, Etan, EXIT, Vuly, and Telstar.

This variety ensures that customers can find the perfect trampoline that suits their needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a trampoline for recreational use or a professional-grade model, Trampolines Ireland has got you covered.

2. Prompt and Reliable Delivery Services

Trampolines Ireland understands that customers are eager to enjoy their purchase as soon as possible. To cater to this demand, the company offers swift and reliable delivery services.

If a customer purchases a trampoline that is already in stock, they can expect it to be delivered within 48 hours to any location in Ireland.

Additionally, for those who prefer to pick up their trampoline, collection at the local depot is available within 24 hours of purchase.

Although next-day delivery cannot be guaranteed, Trampolines Ireland makes every effort to fulfill this request.

The use of their network of operator-owned Irish haulage companies ensures that deliveries are handled efficiently and professionally.

3. Proudly Irish: A Homegrown Business

Trampolines Ireland takes immense pride in being a homegrown Irish business. As such, they are deeply committed to supporting the local community and economy.

By purchasing from Trampolines Ireland, customers not only receive exceptional products and services but also contribute to the growth of the Irish economy.

4. Five-Star Reviews: Testimony to Exceptional Service

The proof of Trampolines Ireland's outstanding customer service lies in the numerous five-star reviews they have received on platforms like Google. These positive reviews come from satisfied customers who have experienced the company's dedication to ensuring their happiness.

Consistent praise for their products, delivery, and after-sales support speaks volumes about the level of service provided by Trampolines Ireland.

5. Warranty Assistance: Going the Extra Mile

All warranty claims are handled by Trampolines Ireland's helpful staff, simplifying the process for customers.

Instead of dealing with the hassle of contacting manufacturers directly, the company takes on the responsibility of assisting customers with warranty issues.

This commitment to going the extra mile enhances the overall customer experience and demonstrates their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction.

6. Replacement Parts: Quick and Convenient

Trampolines Ireland understands that accidents happen, and parts may need to be replaced over time. To address this, they offer a quick and convenient supply of replacement parts for the trampoline models they sell.

Customers can rest easy knowing that any spare part they may need will be readily available from the retailer.

7. 60 Minute Promise: Prompt Communication

In the digital age, timely communication is essential to maintain customer satisfaction. Trampolines Ireland lives up to this expectation with their 60 Minute Promise.

All calls and emails are responded to within 60 minutes during working hours, ensuring that customers' inquiries are promptly addressed and providing peace of mind to those seeking assistance.

8. Ireland's Best Trampoline Blog: A Wealth of Information

Trampolines Ireland doesn't just focus on selling trampolines; they also provide valuable information to their customers through their blog.

With a wealth of helpful guides, their blog covers topics such as choosing the right trampoline size for one's garden, safety tips for using trampolines, assembling and moving trampolines, understanding different shape options, and the benefits of trampolines for both kids and adults. This commitment to educating their customers showcases their dedication to their clientele's well-being and enjoyment of their products.


Trampolines Ireland's reputation for offering the best customer service in the industry is well-deserved. Their extensive inventory, prompt delivery services, homegrown Irish roots, five-star reviews, warranty assistance, replacement parts availability, and commitment to timely communication and customer education make them stand out as a paragon of customer satisfaction.

By choosing Trampolines Ireland, customers not only get top-quality products but also experience a level of service that sets the standard for excellence in the trampoline retailing industry.