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Can You Use The Trampoline When It's Raining?

If you live in Ireland and you've just bought a trampoline then your may kids ask if they can use it when it's raining, so we have prepared this guide.

You can jump on a trampoline in the rain or when it's wet but you should take extra as the risk of slipping or sliding as you jump is more likely, and a safety net is highly recommended. You won't damage the trampoline, but take extra and do not use it during lightning storms.

can i use my trampoline in the rain

Can The Kids Use The Trampoline When Its Wet?

The short answer is yes, but for a fuller explanation please refer to our points for consideration below.

1. Is It Safe to Use A Wet Trampoline?

Trampolines are robust and durable products designed for outdoor use.

They are built with galvanised steel and other high-quality components and to use them when it is wet or raining will not cause any damage to the trampoline.

However, the jumpmat will become slippery and so extra care should be taken. Additionally, using a trampoline whether a regular above ground model or an inground model, without a safety net in place is not recommended as you could slip and fall from the trampoline.

See our Safety Net Guide here.


2. Does Jumping on Wet Trampolines Ruin the Trampoline?

Trampolines are designed for outdoor use and provided that you're not overloading the trampoline or using it in a way that does not coincide with the manufacturer's guidelines, then using the trampoline when the jumpmat is wet should be fine.

3. Are Wet Trampolines More Slippery?

Yes, wet trampolines will be more slippery so extra care and of course parental supervision is advised.


4. Trampolines Will Usually Be Used When Wet When Its A Little Warmer

Because it isn't much fun having cold water splashed on you on a cold day, even if you are on a trampoline, most trampoline use when wet will be when the weather is a little warmer.

5. Can I Use A Hose Or Sprinkler on the Trampoline?

Again trampolines are outdoor products so spraying a hose or sprinkler on the trampoline will be fine. Just take extra care as the trampoline will be more slippy.

And do not use power washers as they can damage safety nets and jump mats, as their power is too abrasive.

To keep your trampoline dry and clean whether its raining or snowing, check out our trampoline covers here.

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