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Bounce for Autism Comes to Powerstown, NS

We're delighted to announce that The Irish Society for Autism have kindly donated a new trampoline to Powerstown Educate Together, NS as part of the Bounce for Autsim program.

As Principal, Helena Trench shares -

Powerstown ETNS is an equality based school in D15. It was established in 2011. It currently has 16 mainstream classes, 4 classes for children with autism and 1 class for children with DLD.

It is an inclusive and diverse school where children and families speak 48 different languages and are connected to 52 different countries. We have at least one child with autism in every mainstream class, some classes have up to 3 children with autism

It would be a huge support for their regulation and enabling children to access learning in school. It would support the implementation of OT programmes, promote exercise and getting outdoors to enjoy the fresh air. A large trampoline would support co-operative games and team work, as well as turn taking. 

As an inclusive school, in a very transient and diverse community we are very grateful for any support we can provide for our students, especially those with Additional Educational Needs.