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For the Best Trampoline Advice Speak to Trampolines Ireland

Trampolines are a large purchase and the trampoline that you buy will often hold a prominent place in your garden for some time, often over ten years.

Trampolines Ireland gives the best trampoline advice to prospective purchasers and is well-known for giving plain-talking advice to their customers, based on their circumstances such as garden size and budget and answering all questions asked as factually and as accurately as possible.

best trampoline advice ireland

Why Trampolines Ireland Give The Best Trampoline Advice

1. We Will Answer Your Query

Whether you phone us, request that we call you with a callback request or you send us a message we will do our best to answer your query within a few hours, usually by phone as a quick chat often clears up a number of things, and can give the customer much more clarity.

2. We Understand the Complexity of your Decision

There are a lot of factors to consider in deciding which trampoline model that you will buy. Then there are a lot of trampolines that will at first glance seem very similar.

One of the key advantages of dealing with Trampolines Ireland is that we know all of our products extremely well, and we will be more than pleased to spend some time helping you to understand the distinctions to allow you to more easily choose the right model for you.

3. We Value Your Business

This is one of those statements that we hear a lot, but it really makes sense.

By treating our customers in a way that we would like to be treated, and by helping them with their queries in an honest and straightforward manner, we have a much better prospect of doing business with them, either now or perhaps in the future (if we don't have what you want).

See customer feedback -

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Customer Feedback page

Doing our best for our customers is simply the best possible thing that we can do for our business.

4. We Are An Irish-Owned Business

By choosing to do business with Trampolines Ireland you are supporting an Irish business that pays taxes in Ireland, and supports jobs in the Irish economy  bioth in our business and through a number of downstream supply chain partners, including transportation, technology and others.

Transport Partners in Ireland

5. Wide Range of How to Assembly Videos

Every now and then we hear about someone who still has their trampoline in the box, and this is the last thing that we want to hear, because how can you rkids get enjoyment from the product if it hasn't been built yet.

Inground & Flatground Trampoline Demo Install Videos

That is why we show lots installation guides, both written and by video on our website.

You see your kids can't tell anyone just how good the product is if it doesn't get out of the box and neither Trampolines Ireland or our customers, you the parents will score any brownie points that way.

6. We Will Answer The Phone

At Trampolines Ireland most trampoline parts have a minimum two year warranty and you can be assured that we will be here and will be ready and willing to assist if you have any issues with your purchase.

Whether a fault develops with some of the components during the warranty period or you need replacement parts due to a storm, you will be able to rely on us to source parts for you quickly, when you need them.

Contact Us Page

7. We're Boring, But We're Here for the Long Time

So many businesses open with a flourish and then spend all their money on company cars, bonuses, water fountains in the foyer and staff morale trips to Ibiza or Malaga.

We're proud to be a boring company that won't do that and instead focuses on

  • giving plain-talking advice to customers that is helpful to them,
  • offering a wide range of high-quality products at affordable prices,
  • delivering delivering our customers orders on time, and with as little inconvenience or hassle for them as possible,
  • supporting our customers after the product has been delivered.

We're building a business that serves its customers and that's it.

8. The Office is Open 7 Days A Week

Many of our customers are busy during the day and so we're open late in the evening, usually to 9pm and most weekends to 3pm plus you can always send us an email or message by way of the website contact form and we will normally reply to you within a few hours.

If you need anything please phone us on 01 960 1641. We ready and eager to assist with any queries that you may have.