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BERG Trampoline Spare Parts - Ireland & UK

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BERG Trampoline Parts List

1. BERG Trampoline Frames:

The frame forms the structure of the trampoline and is usually made of steel or aluminum. It provides stability and support for the jumping surface.

2. BERG Jumping Mats:

The jumping mat is a durable fabric sheet that stretches across the frame and provides the surface for bouncing. It is typically made of polypropylene or similar materials.

3. BERG Trampoline Springs:

Springs connect the jumping mat to the frame and create tension that allows for bouncing. They are usually made of steel and come in various lengths and sizes depending on the trampoline's size and weight capacity.

4. Safety Pad/Cover:

The safety pad, also known as the safety cover, is a protective cushion that covers the springs and frame. It helps prevent accidental contact with the springs, reducing the risk of injury.

5. Enclosure Net:

An enclosure net surrounds the trampoline, creating a barrier to prevent users from falling off. It is made of mesh material and attaches to the frame, enclosing the jumping area.

6. Safety Net Enclosure Poles:

Enclosure poles are vertical poles that support the enclosure net. They are typically attached to the trampoline frame and provide stability to the net.

7. Ladder:

A ladder is an optional accessory that assists users in accessing the trampoline. It is designed to hook onto the frame and provides a safe and convenient way to climb onto the jumping surface.

8. BERG Trampoline Anchor Kits:

An anchor kit is used to secure the trampoline to the ground, especially in areas prone to high winds. It typically includes stakes or straps that are attached to the frame and anchored into the ground.

9. Spring Pull Tool:

A spring pull tool is a specialized tool used to aid in the installation or removal of springs. It makes the process easier and helps ensure proper tension and alignment of the springs.

10. Instruction Manual:

An instruction manual provides guidance on the assembly, maintenance, and safe use of the trampoline. It includes important safety guidelines, weight limits, and maintenance instructions.

11. Optional Accessories:

There are various optional accessories available for trampolines, including basketball hoops, bounce boards, tents, or games designed for use on the trampoline. These accessories can add extra fun and versatility to the trampoline experience.

It's important to note that the specific components may vary depending on the type, brand, and model of the trampoline. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for the specific components and assembly requirements of your trampoline.