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BERG Champion Trampolines for Kids & Adults with Autism

At Trampolines Ireland, in addition to our Bounce for Autism program where we work with Special Schools in Ireland, a lot of our customers have children with autism or related conditions, and so we have quite a lot of experience with trampoline users with autism.

trampolines for kids and adults with autsim

What we have found is - 

1. The Trampoline Will Get Used A Lot

Trampolines provide tremendous benefits for kids and adults alike, and especially so for those with autism, where they not only do users get the huge benefits of a good workout, but it helps them to auto regulate, promotes better sleep, improved concentration, mood elevation, and generally aids mental health.

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2. The Kids and Adults will rely on it

In light of the benefits that we have outlined above it is a very positive side effect that using the trampoline for many users will become a daily necessity, a habit that users can be very reluctant to break.

3. Disrupting this pattern could cause problems

As using the trampoline will often give worn out parents and carers a little bit of a break, it is important that the trampoline is very durable and robust and will stand up to fairly intense use.

When the trampoline is out of order, perhaps because some of the springs or the jumpmat or the safety have become damaged, it is can become frustrating and stressful for everyone, and getting it fixed or replaced will certainly become a priority.

4. Almost a necessity

If you have kids then having a trampoline can be a fantastic piece of recreational equipment that everyone will derive a lot of enjoyment from. However, if you have a child with autism, we would humbly suggest that having a trampoline is almost a necessity, because it is such a safe and enjoyable outlet for their abundant energy, and because many of the other traditional outdoor toys may not attract or hold your child's attention.

Why We Recommend the BERG Champion Range

If you're familiar with BERG trampoline products, you will know that they have a solid reputation for a high-quality build and customer satisfaction.

The three BERG trampoline ranges are as follows - 

1. Favorit - BERG's standard range of starter trampolines, available in round, rectangular and oval as either inground or regular above ground options with or without a safety net.

2. Champion - BERG premium trampoline range available as inground, flatground or above ground models, in round, rectangular, oval or square.

3. Elite - the most exclusive of the BERG models, again available in regular above ground, inground and flatground versions, in round, rectangular, and oval.

We Recommend BERG Champion Trampolines for Users with Autism

The main reasons that the we recommend the BERG Champion range for children and adults with autism are as follows -

1. Durability & Robustness

Because children and adults with autism will rely on their regular trampoline session so much, it is important to have a model that delivers on robustness and durability.

The Champion range differs from the high-quality Favorit range in that - 

(a) the Champion range features the Twinspring Gold spring system, covered by a five year warranty,

(b) hard-wearing and durable deluxe and dlx xl safety nets that features a solid fibreglass bar around the top of the safety net, delivering strength and shape to the trampoline safety net,

(c) the Champion range benefits from an upgraded and stronger jumpmat.

When a trampoline is used a lot, you will often see that use first on the springs and the jumpmat. With the Champion range it carries a five year warranty on the springs, and two years on the jumpmat.

2. Value for Money

BERG trampolines are premium quality trampolines, however the Champion and Elite ranges are a step above the standard Favorit range.

What's the Difference Between BERG Favorit, Champion & Elite Ranges

With the Champion range you benefit from the same trampoline frame, springs, jumpmat and safety net as those used in the Elite range, the only difference being that the padding used on the Elite range is thicker and wider.

3. Generous Max User Weight Limits

The majority of the larger Champion models have a conservatively rated maximum user weight limit of 100kg/ 15 stone plus.

See more on BERG Trampoline User Weight Limits Here.

To discuss the various trampoline options that may be most suitable for your kids in your garden please phone us on 01 960 1641.

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