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Hoverboarding Safety Tips for New Hoverboards

Hoverboarding in Ireland

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Hoverboarder User Safety Tips

Hoverboards aren’t a new invention. They’ve been around for several years now. Christmas is just around the corner, and if you’re considering a hoverboard for one of your kids, here are some things to bear in mind when shopping for your gift, and some safety tips and precautions your kids should take to reduce the risk of a hoverboard-related accident.

Practice Indoors
It’s advisable to find a safe place to practice before you head out on the street. It’ll avoid any embarrassment when you fall head over heels, and avoid the risk of injuring yourself, other people or their property.
Treat Your Hoverboard With Care
Hoverboards are rigorously tested, but they’re not unbreakable or invincible. It will handle small bumps and a few minor crashes, but just be careful.
Understand the Rules When Out in Public
You can ride your hoverboard in most places you would ride a bike or use a skateboard. However, check whether they’re banned before you take to the streets.

Wear the Correct Safety Gear
Safety gear is essential, even though you might think it a trifle uncool. Always wear a helmet, elbow and knee pads, as well as a wrist guard.
Only buy your safety gear from reputable retailers and don’t base your choice on price alone.
Remember It’s Not a Skateboard
You can’t ride a hoverboard like a skateboard. They are much heavier and more challenging to maneuver.
Ramps are a no-no and don’t even consider riding your hoverboard down stairs or on railings.
Ride Your Hoverboard Responsibly
There are things you should do if you want to ride your hoverboard correctly.
First, make sure your hoverboard is correctly calibrated. Have the right posture, get off your hoverboard by taking a step back, and make sure you stand correctly.
Look ahead and keep your back straight, because if you look down, it’ll shift your weight forward and lead to you falling off.
Make Sure You’re Always Visible
Whatever time of the day or night you decide to ride your hoverboard, make sure you’re visible. Ideally, choose clothing and shoes with reflective trim. Shoes that light up are also an option.
It’s no good just being bright. You need to stand out from your surroundings and grab people’s attention.
Keep Your Speed Low
There are no brakes on a hoverboard. Bear this in mind when you’re heading towards a tree, signpost, mailbox, or anything else that gets in your way.
It’s going to hurt when you hit it. The best way to keep safe is to keep your speed slow.


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