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Best Indoor Trampoline


In this covid situation, we all are stuck in the indoor which is extremely boring and melancholic. So, all of us from kids to adults need indoor adventures for our good! During this lockdown, almost all of us spend our time in our room, eating food, binge-watching Netflix, and sleeping.

We most probably haven’t done anything that can burn our extra calories and help to release our stress. So, as a magical solution, we'll talk about the best indoor trampoline today!

A trampoline brings much joy, activity and makes some beautiful family memories. Indoor trampolines are smaller in size and are made with complete security. Most of the indoor trampolines are designed for having family fun and having an exercise session with them.

There are tons of modern designed models of indoor trampolines. Today we've gathered the best indoor trampoline list here. Not only products, but we also have additional points that may help your interest. So, buckle up for our ride!

Buying Guide

Now to make a good purchase from this list. Normally, you'll feel lost among all of these products. Some critical aspects must be considered while choosing the best indoor trampoline. Check out these essential features in your chosen trampoline before making a purchase-

  1. Size

Size depends on the intention of the user and the type of activities you'll perform on the trampoline. For indoor trampolines, 8feet or 10feet trampolines will be the best. These sizes are best for small and compact places.

For children having fun or for exercise purposes, these sizes are extremely ideal and efficient. There are mini trampolines that are specially designed for indoor purposes and meet all purposes.

  1. Shape

You'll see rectangular, oval, round-shaped trampolines on the market. You can choose the shape according to the space in your playroom. Round trampolines are very popular just like the rectangular ones. On a round trampoline, you can't jump in all the corners like the rectangular ones.

For your information, rectangular trampolines are ideal for all kinds of purposes. Rectangular shapes are more location-friendly and compact in design. Plus, rectangular shape trampolines have a higher bounce than round-shaped ones.

  1. Materials

Indoor trampolines have sturdy legs and frames as they can't be mounted. Most of the renowned brands use galvanized steel frames with rust-proof powder coating as the frame and legs. The materials prolong the life of the trampoline.

Check out the material of the jumping mat too. It's better if the mat is dust, moisture, and UV resistant. It should be anti-slip too, that's how the jumper will get a good grasp on the surface. The mat should also have the feature to distribute the weight of the jumper all over the mat.

  1. Safety Enclosure Net

Even if it's an indoor trampoline, there is an utter necessity for a safety net. The safety net should be flexible, thick, mesh, and breathable. It prevents many unwanted severe injuries by falling from the trampoline surface. There also should be an overlapping door through the safety net for easy entry and exit for the kids. 

  1. Springs

In most of the popular trampolines, we see steel coiled springs. But, bungee cords are also getting popular nowadays for their quiet and safe nature. Springs as always offer you the best bounces and lasts longer than ever. Springs may be squeaky or rattles while jumping, where bungee cords are absolutely mute. But when it's time to replace, bungee cords are more expensive than springs.

  1. Safety

We all want our family to have fun on the trampoline in the safest way without any risk. Safety features include the jumping mat covering the springs, the edges are covered with a safety mat, the poles are wrapped with a PVC mat, the legs are arched, the safety net is firmly attached to the surface and the cords are all sturdy.

Top Picks

Have a sneak peek at this segment for a quick review of all the products on our list. Here you go-

It’s time to dive into the main review section. So stay tuned with us.

1. Exit Tiggy Junior Trampoline

Do you wanna encourage your kids to have fun indoors? Then, a mini-trampoline is the best solution. Exit 4ft Tiggy Junior Trampoline will cover up all of your necessities. This is a round-shaped gray-colored trampoline and edges are covered with a patterned protective edge.

This wonderful trampoline is specially designed for kids up to 3-5 years old. The little jumping space is ideal for 1 kid jumping at once. The unique point of this trampoline is the handlebar across the center. It helps the kid to have an extra amount of support. Let's see other stunning features of this product.

Key Features

  • Shape: Round
  • Size: 4ft(140cm)
  • Maximum Weight Limit: 50 kilograms(110lbs)
  • This trampoline has a handlebar in the middle with adjustable height. It offers the utmost support.
  • It has no springs, rather it's equipped with elastics. The elastics provide the exact bounces and flexible jumping, which the kids will enjoy.
  • On the handlebar, there is an anti-slip foam padding to hold on to when the kids will jump. It assures their safety.
  • The soft foam padding with white tiger print on it, protects the kids from nasty injuries.
  • Soft & firm jumping mat covers all the elastics of the trampoline, so it's safe.

Pros & Cons

The trampoline is very small and compact to fit in a very tight place. Within 30 minutes, the installation process will be complete. It has elastic instead of springs to give comfortable bounces to kids. It's very suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Nothing is wrong with this beautiful trampoline. But there is a catch, it's not suitable for multiple jumpers. Kids may take turns while having fun one by one.

What makes it a good trampoline?

The trampoline is the best indoor trampoline for little kids. The jumping mat is soft yet firm for the kids'' comfort. There are elastics instead of springs, just for the kids' fun and comfortable bounces. There is a handlebar in the middle for their ultimate support. The whole trampoline is covered with the mat, so no pinching hazard.

Why do we love it?

Because it's simply perfect for the small jumpers. The weight capacity, the construction, safety precautions, stable legs, adjustable handlebars. Not only these, if necessary you can even move it outside to have fun!

2. Exit Tiggy Junior Trampoline with Safety Net

Our next guest is also a mini trampoline with a very stylish yet compact design. From children to their parents, everyone will love it from the looks to the impressive features. This trampoline is the exclusive solution for kids from 3-6 years old. Their tense parents can chill beside the kids while the kids have fun.

This mini trampoline has a firmly attached safety net, that'll ensure the kids' safety. Unlike the first one, it doesn’t have any handlebars, but the safety net fills the gap here. The manufacturers didn’t use any metal springs in this trampoline, rather they used elastic for better flow and bounces.

Key Features

  • Shape: Round
  • Size: 4ft(140cm)
  • Weight Limit: 50 kilograms(110lbs)
  • The jumping mat is super soft and sturdy, so whenever the kids jump they get a soft and comfortable landing.
  • Instead of using springs, the manufacturers used elastics for better bounces suitable for kids.
  • The 6 legs hold the whole trampoline in a firm position with stability even the kids have a monkey-jumping session on it.
  • 6 curved poles hold the safety net in a firm position and are wrapped with padded foam. So, kids won't get hit on it.

Pros & Cons

The legs have an anti-slip grip at the bottom, so they won't wobble. There is a zip-up entrance through the safety net which is efficient for kids. The edges are covered with patterned protective pads, so kids are completely safe.

There is a warning which is that kids over 8 years old shouldn't use this trampoline.

What makes it a good trampoline

The safety net is firmly attached to the poles and the edges. There is an easy exit & entrance through the safety net for kids. The stability of this trampoline is remarkable. Anything kids will feel comfortable and feel safe is present in this trampoline.

Why do we love it?

The trampoline is filled with all the exclusive and impressive characteristics. The color combination looks super cool and stylish. Assembling the whole trampoline is super easy and quick. The trampoline also has foot protection, so there is no need to worry!

3. 6.5ft BERG Favorit Trampoline

If you're a parent and looking for a trampoline to have fun with your kids, then this trampoline can help you. The first thing we want to mention is the weight capacity of this trampoline which is about 160lbs. Though it's kids' plaything, one adult can also hop in with their child on it.

This trampoline is an oval-shaped trampoline with W-shaped very sturdy legs. Overall, this trampoline is the best indoor trampoline for family fun. There is a safety net, a nice jumping mat with fun bounces.

Key Features

  • Size: 6.5ft
  • Shape: Oval
  • Weight Limit: 160lbs(70 kilograms)
  • The trampoline has 4 W-shaped strongest legs that firmly support the whole trampoline and ensure mobility.
  • 6 poles wrapped in padded foam firmly hold the safety net.
  • The safety net is breathable, thick, mesh, and flexible enough to catch the flying kids.
  • The polypropylene mat is water/sweat proof and highly wear & tear-resistant.
  • The extended edge pad covers the metal exposed parts that protect the kids from pinching their skin.
  • Goldspring solo springs join the jumping mat and ensure that your kids have the most enjoyable bounces.

Pros & Cons

User-friendly installation system, so parents don't feel frustrated. The safety net is extra safe for the self-closing entrance. The jumping mat with the edge pad covers the whole trampoline, so there will be no pinching.

The trampoline is fantastic, there are barely any flaws here. But be careful about the weight limit on it.

What makes it a good trampoline?

The trampoline has all standard safety precautions, construction is super high quality with exclusive materials. It's weather or rustproof. You can use it both inside and outside of your house. Plus, this trampoline is very easy to assemble and disassemble.

Why do we love it?

The trampoline is very suitable and great for little kids and teenagers. In a matter of sturdiness, safety, durability, the trampoline scored high for the customers. So, why not pick this wonderful piece?

4. EXIT Silhouette 8ft Trampoline

If you have a bigger playroom or enough spacious indoor area, then this 8ft trampoline will be your best buddy. Just like the other trampolines on our list, this one is undoubtedly stunning in all ways. Equipped with all safety features, robust construction, and black color, this trampoline is of superior quality!

When it's come to toddler and adults' safety, this trampoline shows no compromise. It ensures maximum comfortability and safety for the jumpers. It has a sturdy frame, a non-toxic mat, safety pads, and flexible springs.

Key Features

  • Shape: Oval
  • Size: 8ft (244cm)
  • Weight Capacity: 50 kilograms
  • The trampoline has 3 W-shaped legs. The frame is galvanized and powder coated, so they are undoubtedly durable.
  • 6 fiberglass curved poles hold the trampoline in a firm place.
  • There is a zip-up entrance through the luxurious safety net. The safety net is super flexible, soft, and comfortable.
  • This trampoline is equipped with foot protection, so feet or fingers won't get stuck in the springs.

Pros & Cons

The trampoline has materials of high grade and guaranteed longevity. The 8ft space is enough for jumping multiple kids. The sturdy springs ensure to give powerful and fun bounces.

Some customers claim that the springs are squeaky and make a rattling noise.

What makes it a good trampoline?

The trampoline is all-age safe, in terms of durability or stability, this one is incomparable. The jumping mat is water or slips resistance. From construction to safety precautions, all of these features combine to offer an exclusive and extraordinary trampoline for your family.

Why do we love it?

The price tag isn’t frightening like the others. This trampoline has all the quality and guaranteed features that you can blindly rely on. Plus, it's the cheapest option in which you'll get the best bounces.

5. EXIT Silhouette Trampoline

Again we are back to the EXIT. This is a 6ft round trampoline in matte black color. This trampoline is surprisingly cheaper than the others. But, trust us, in this price range, you won't get any better trampoline than this.

This trampoline can boast all of its extremely quality features like- flexible springs, sturdy construction, soft jumping mat, unique safety characteristic, and extra stability. The weight limit is also awesome for 2 kids or 1 kid & 1 adult to hold on to.

Key Features

  • Shape: Oval
  • Size: 6ft (183cm)
  • Weight Limit: 60 kilograms
  • Safety net of this trampoline is luxurious, thick yet soft. Flexible to catch the flying jumpers.
  • 3 W-shaped sturdiest and strongest legs can hold the trampoline firmly.
  • The 6 curved poles wrapped with PVC foam hold the safety enclosure firmly and prevent any injury.
  • Foot protection system prevents the jumpers' fingers or feet from getting stuck into the springs.

Pros & Cons

There is a zip-up exit & entrance through the safety net for the kids'. The unique foot protection system is amazing. The springs are super and sturdy and developed to offer the best bounces. The price range is extremely suitable for anyone.

Be careful about the weight limit and don't let multiple kids jump on it at the same time.

What makes it a good trampoline?

The frame and legs are galvanized frame with powder coated which makes it long-lasting. The unique safety feature with all other bonus characteristics, this trampoline is a hot-cake.

Why do we love it?

From the affordable price range to the extremely durable guarantee, this trampoline also protects the jumpers. Not only that, it ensures that you can get comfortable and enjoyable bounces on the trampoline. So, why not love or pick it?

6. Springfree R54 Round Trampoline

From the name, it's already understood that this trampoline is Springfree, just like our first two products. For the little jumpers, this trampoline is more than suitable. As our last guest, we gave this trampoline honor to have the title of the best overall trampoline.

For a compact place or small garden, this trampoline is ideal. Instead of springs, bungee cords are used in this trampoline that reduces the pinching hazard plus gives enjoyable light bounces for kids.

Key Features

  • Size: Round
  • Shape: 8ft
  • Weight Capacity: 380 kilograms
  • The frame and legs are patented designs. Sturdy enough to hold and distribute the weight through the legs.
  • Even if you keep the trampoline outdoors, there won't be any rust on it for the galvanized and powder coating.
  • The bungee cords produce great bounce for kids and reduce the risk of pinching their skin.
  • As it's a round trampoline, the jumper will be automatically pulled to the center while jumping. It'll reduce any falling accidents.

Pros & Cons

The trampoline is the most affordable option among all of these. It ensures great and happy bounces through the bungee cords. The frame is heavy-duty and has rust resistance. It has a safety net that prevents the jumpers from falling outside.

Some customers claimed that assembling the trampoline seems quite difficult. So, keep patience.

What makes it a good trampoline?

The extremely unique leg design ensures the extreme stability of the trampoline. A thick safety net and mesh are attached firmly to the edges and poles. The bungee cords give the lightest and most fun bounces for kids. Overall, a perfect play tool for the kids.

Why do we love it?

For the overall wonderful and impressive quality of this trampoline, we picked this. It makes no annoying sound while jumping makes the kids happy with the bounces. The price tag is also very reasonable. In total, it's a complete package.


What are the best indoor trampolines?

Here is the list of the best indoor trampolines-

  1. Fitpulse Mini-Trampoline
  2. Springfree 8ft Trampoline
  3. EXIT Tiggy Junior Trampoline
  4. Exit Silhouette Trampoline
  5. BERG Favorit Trampoline

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor trampolines?

The main difference between these two types is the purpose of usage. The size is also different as the outdoor trampoline is bigger. Indoor trampolines' notable features are a handlebar to hold, springs, safety pad, frame, and legs. Whereas, the outdoor trampolines have a safety net that offers extreme safety to kids. In addition, trampolines are less expensive than outdoor ones too.

How to exercise with an indoor trampoline?

You can bounce on the trampoline for 15-20 minutes regularly for extra calorie burn. If you're comfortable, you can even do some flipping too. These exercises are basic and fun rather than tiring.

What height is ideal for an indoor trampoline?

You should buy indoor trampolines in between 8feet to 10feet. As the jump zone should be considered with the ceiling height, the perfect jump zone will be 8feet high. It's better to buy a smaller trampoline for a clear and comfortable jumping experience.

Are indoor trampolines safe?

Indoor trampolines are safe. Indoor trampolines are specifically designed to take one person at once, so tell your kids to turn over one by one to have fun. Kids should jump on the trampoline with the supervision of the elders. Parents should check out that the jumping mat is sturdy, the edges are covered and the safety net is luxurious.

Final Verdict

While buying an indoor trampoline, you should be careful because maximum time kids will have fun on this. So, stability and safety should be the priorities. We picked the best indoor trampolines to all extents and gave you transparent reviews.

Have a good exercise and fun time on the indoor trampoline. It relieves stress as well as gives health benefits. Plus, indoor trampolines are mini in size, so they fit into small or tight places. So, we hope you got your desired candidate product from our list. If our article helped you in any way, we are glad! Have a happy bounce!