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Best flat ground trampoline


Last month, one of my friends was planning to buy a flat ground. He was really confused about the different shapes and sizes of the ground trampoline. Additionally, he feared the setup process as well. That time we checked a lot of trampolines to get the best flat ground trampoline for him.

We also talked to a professional to learn the facts about the flat trampoline. That day, we planned to write about our experience of the flat trampolines and so, here we are. With some of the best options, we will share some essential tips to select the best flat trampoline.

Buying Guide on the Best Flatground Trampoline

There are more and more options available for you to choose your favorable trampoline from online or on the market. From wherever you purchase, you should take some notes on some specific features that measure the quality of a trampoline. Let's see what are those features

  1. Shape 

Shape plays a vital role to maintain the bounces. Most of the trampolines are available in round shape and the second most popular is rectangular. On the round trampoline, if you bounce in the middle, there is a symmetrical force that is powerful in the center just.

For a rectangular shape, you can jump in every corner of the trampoline. Plus, they offer more precise & controlled bounces. Most of the time sportsmen, gymnasts, and athletes use the rectangular-shaped trampoline.

  1. Size

Size is another affecting matter for trampolines. Size can affect the bounce rate. The bigger the jumping area will be, the heavier the jumper you need to get an enjoyable bounce. If the jumper is not heavier and the trampoline is bigger, the bounce will be dull and indecent. 

So, choose a trampoline with the weight chart and how many people you want to have fun with at once. 

  1. Frame

The frame is the skeleton of the trampoline which means the most important part. It holds up the whole trampoline in a good grip. Most of the trampolines are made of galvanized steel frames with powder coating.

So, there will be no chance of getting rust or damage in open weather. Plus, the robust construction can withstand the extreme heavy-weight and jumping session of the jumpers. A heavy frame with a standard thickness is the thumb rule for an excellent quality trampoline.

  1. Jumping Mat 

The jumping mat should be soft to touch, have a UV resistance coating with polypropylene fabric. It prevents the trampoline from worn out faster and makes it last longer. It's much better if it's anti-slip. There will be delicious friction between the feet and mat then, so the jumpers won't slip while jumping. 

  1. Springs

With all the springs together, the jumper can bounce up and down. The springs are generally galvanized steel wire. The length, amount and material quality affects the bounces. The larger the springs will be, you'll get more enjoyable bounces. 

Our Top Picks

If you're in a hurry, you can take a quick glance at this segment. Here all are products list and for what they are best, are given-

Now that you have got some ideas about the products. But to learn about them in detail go through the whole article. Now, we’ll be discussing the detailed review.

1. Berg Flatground Champion Trampoline 

To start our list for the 'Best Flat ground Trampoline', we couldn't help but give the crown to the BERG. From stylish design, building quality, safety to performance, all the combinations are present in the trampoline. For the flatground feature, it's super stable and can handle extremely high jumps. 

The frame of this trampoline is thin yet sturdy. All metal parts are covered with a PVC mat that prolongs the life of the trampoline. Other protective features also make it safe and comfortable for kids' fun time plus adults' exercise time.

Key Features

  • Shape: Round
  • Size: 11ft
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 100 kilograms 
  • The sturdy galvanized frame is entirely sunk into the ground, so it undoubtedly is stable.
  • Due to the AirFlow jumping mat, 50% extra air can escape while jumping. Results highest and flexible jumping. 
  • The TwinSpring springs are angled in the vertical position and the size is big enough. So, it maintains the jumping intensity. 
  • The UV resistance padding and protective edges covering the springs and frame makes the whole trampoline last longer.

Pros & Cons

The trampoline is lightweight and very easy to set up. The tension in the springs is so good that it gives the best bounce. As it's sunk into the ground, the frame distributes the weight evenly in the trampoline. 

It's an amazing product that lacks serious flaws. There is a warning that kids under 24 months old shouldn’t use this trampoline. 

What makes it a good trampoline? 

It's an 11ft trampoline that can be used for 1-2 kids' fun times. It makes less noise, gives the best bounces, the jumping mat is soft, comfortable yet firm enough. The springs and metal parts are wrapped into protective pads, so there is a mere chance to get pinched or scratched on the skin.

Why do we love it?

It has a wonderful color combination. Black & green blend into the garden without any flash. The quality is impressive and safety is also ensured. It's specially made for kids, so there are zero lackings in the structure. 

2. BERG Ultim Champion Flatground Trampoline 

Cheer for this handsome trampoline from the BERG! This is an ideal trampoline for family fun. Keeping eyes on little plus adult customers necessary, this trampoline is improved. This is a rectangular trampoline, so you can use each corner of this unlike the round-shaped trampoline. 

Rectangular trampolines ensure to have more control while jumping. However, this unique and outstanding trampoline has some other exclusive features which made it special. Let's see the other features here.

Key Features

  • Size: 13ft x 8ft
  • Shape: Rectangular 
  • Springs: 80
  • Weight Limit: 200lbs
  • It has TwinSpring springs that make a delicious tension between the springs and make fun bounces.
  • The AirFlow jumping mat design allows escaping 50% air, which makes the jumping sensation enjoyable. 
  • This Flatground trampoline is perfectly integrated into the ground, so the stability is confirmed. 

Pros & Cons

This is the perfect item for outdoor fun activities not only for children but also for adults. It has some easiest steps to set it up. This trampoline confirms the best bounces with the extra-large size and enough springs. 

One flaw which makes customers kind of disappointed is, it's pretty expensive! 

What makes it a good trampoline? 

The bigger size and enough jumping area is the plus point of this trampoline. Next, the rectangular shape makes it super-efficient. Later, all the safety protective pads, PVC mats, patented frames and sink into the ground. All are way too impressive.

Why do we love it?

As the trampoline is Flatground, it digs into the ground. Plus, for the color, it blends into the garden very nicely. It lasts longer than you expect. It has a detachable Aerowall that makes the practicing session more fun.

3. Berg Flatground Ultim Elite Trampoline 

Do you want a sport or fitness trampoline that can also be used for family fun? Well, we have the perfect solution for you. This one is relatively popular and famous for learning the coolest and newest tricks.

One of the main reasons why this trampoline is ideal for all fitness and sports necessary is the enormous area. Designed like the Olympic trampolines, the jumpers will be confident and have their efficient time in the area.

Key Features

  • Size: Rectangular 
  • Shape: 16ft
  • Springs: 120
  • Weight Capacity: 270lbs 
  • The patented galvanized steel frames are sturdy enough and have enough strength to handle any monkey-jumping session.
  • The edges of the trampoline are protected with the PVC mat, so no risk of severe injuries. 
  • TwinSpring springs as always provide excellent bounces and jumping experience. 

Pros & Cons

The structure is robust, so it'll remain undamaged even in the rough weather. The jumping mat has a UV-resistant coating and is firm enough to give outstanding bounces. The whole trampoline is improved, designed and built-in high quality. 

One visible flaw is it doesn’t come with a safety net.

What makes it a good trampoline? 

The innovative design with all the bonus facilities makes it impressive. It has a slip-resistance mat, patented frame, edges covered with m, and powerful robust springs. What else do you need from an ideal trampoline? 

Why do we love it?

Not only us, but the customers are also obsessed with this trampoline. They expressed their plus their kid's satisfaction from this trampoline. It gives the best bounces and if you want you can buy a safety net separately. So, there won't be any risk anymore!

4. Etan UltraFlat Trampoline 

Welcome our next guest from the well-known company ETAN. They are famous for providing the best quality products at the most reasonable price. This is a small trampoline with a not-so-difficult installation process. For the smaller size, it's suitable for 1 kid to have fun at once. Otherwise, there will be a collision. 

The matte black color of the trampoline in the green garden looks appealing. The trampoline has all the facilities with some bonus safety precautions, so let your kids have fun on this without worry. It's ideal for practicing new flipping tricks.

Key Features 

  • Size: 294cm x 294cm
  • Shape: Rectangular 
  • Springs: 52
  • Weight Limit: 55 kilograms
  • The jumping mat is UV resistant and anti-slip. So, jumpers can easily have their grip on the mat surface. 
  • Optimal Airflow makes the air escaping path clear, so the jumping can be flexible and more enjoyable. 
  • The springs are covered with a safety mat, so your kids won't pinch or hurt their delicate skin.

Pros & Cons

The trampoline has a welded frame that can prevent rust for ages. The springs have heat resistance to bounces. Plus, the edges are well covered with the safety mat. From the safety viewpoint, as it's Flatground, so even if the jumpers fall out of the surface, the injury won't be serious. 

The weight limit isn't enough or similar to the others on our list.

What makes it a good trampoline? 

This trampoline doesn’t come with a safety net. So, it's specially designed for expert or advanced jumpers. The trampoline maintains the jumping quality, tension in the springs and helps to make the rookie jumpers expert. 

Why do we love it?

It's a budget-friendly product for expert jumpers who are learning new tricks. The children also can have fun with adult supervision. The assembly is all clear and quick. 

5. EXIT Dynamic Ground-Level Trampoline 

Every list has a secret bomb product that is perfect in all ways. EXIT Dynamic Trampoline is that product on our list. This wonderful trampoline is rectangular in shape and black in color. With a solid thick mesh safety net, you or your kids can jump on it restlessly. 

As it's made for both children and adults, the manufacturers didn’t even leave one flaw. From the jumping mat to the safety net to the galvanized frame, all features are just extremely impressive. For the ground-level characteristic, kids don't find it hard to step into it.

Key Features
  • Size: 305cm
  • Weight Limit: 130 kilograms 
  • Shape: Round
  • The extra-long 24cm long double-conical springs are the most unique feature of this trampoline. It confirms the excellent bounces because the longer springs, the more enjoyable bounces. 
  • The frame thickness is 42cm, so the firmness of the frame is already understandable. 
  • It has a luxurious thick black mesh safety net with an overlapping door for easy entrance. 

Pros & Cons

The galvanized frame is super sturdy and prevents rust. The safety enclosure is super high quality that is attached with the firm poles. The steel poles are wrapped with a safety pad. So, no chance to get hit while jumping. 

All of the biggest facilities you got here. So, the price tag will be a bit high!

What makes it a good trampoline? 

This trampoline is improved by keeping an eye on what customers want and what they need. So, it's bound to be best. You won't find any single flaw in this trampoline(without the price tag!). As it digs into the ground and for the green & black color combination, it blends into the garden. 

Why do we love it?

Because the trampoline looks pretty, it has a luxurious safety enclosure, firm jumping mat, and excellent springs. In addition, the whole trampoline is extremely durable, weatherproof, and slip-resistance. It's suitable for people of all ages. 

6. Berg Flatground Elite Trampoline 

Welcome, this premium trampoline which satisfied the superior numbers of customers' demands. This is a best seller trampoline filled with all necessary characteristics with some bonus facilities. This trampoline is made for all ages. 

As the trampoline entirely sinks into the ground, all you can see is the protective edges over the ground. So, it can be almost invisible in your garden. Other than this, let's see the detailed features of this stunning product. 

Key Features

  • Shape: Round
  • Size: 11ft
  • Weight Limit: 55 kilograms 
  • TwinSpring springs of this trampoline are positioned at a vertical angle that makes the jump more flexible and enjoyable. 
  • The AirFlow jumping mat allows 50% extra air to escape, so it can maintain the jumping intensity. 
  • The jumping mat as well as the protective mat has UV resistance coating, so durability is a must.

Pros & Cons

The trampoline offers excellent yet softest bounces. Its construction is high quality and sturdy. The jumping mat has a UV-resistant coating which makes it weather-proof too. Plus, the mat is anti-slip.

It doesn’t come with a safety net. 

What makes it a good trampoline? 

The trampoline is a quality material built with all excellent materials. It doesn’t take much time to install it fully. The bounces you get from the trampoline can be a super enjoyable experience for kids plus adults. 

Why do we love it?

From considering all the qualities, the price is reasonable for this trampoline. It is an exclusive trampoline with a guarantee that you'll love it. The positive feedback from the customers proves it.

7. Berg Flatground Ultim Elite with Aerowall

If you are looking for a trampoline that comes with an in-built aero wall, the only option here is the BERG Flatground Ultima Elite trampoline. For different jumping stands, you must need an aero wall with your ground trampoline. And this product offers a very durable wall with perfect height.

Also, this trampoline comes with two different size variations and color options. The overall product comes with a very durable material too. Also, the material allows air to flow seamlessly under the mat. So, you will get enough bounce.

Key Features

  • There are TwinSpring springs that allow you to have an extra jumping bounce.
  • It is very easy to install and clean.
  • Both young and adults can use it.
  • It is suggested to set at least 2 meters from the big trees.
  • This flat ground trampoline requires digging the ground for the best outcome.

Pros and cons

The aero wall is undoubtedly the most important feature of this trampoline. For this extra facility, we can easily call it the best flat ground trampoline for sure. Besides, the wall is stable enough to hold your weight.

How can we make an accusation about this trampoline when it comes to great build quality? But we would appreciate it if the price was a little lower.

What makes it a good trampoline?

This rectangular trampoline comes with very high quality and durable material. It is sturdy, and the build quality is better than we expected. Besides, the outlook is amazing with the polished jumping mat.

Why do we love it?

There is no reason not to love this trampoline. But the sturdy aero wall is the best feature for what we appreciate in this trampoline especially. Also, there are strong frames and springs to provide a safe bounce.

8. EXIT Dynamic ground level trampoline

When it is about the best flat ground trampolines, the EXIT Dynamic ground level will make your jumping experience the highest level. It is packed with all essential equipment, including a safety net along with its double-conical spring, which is 25 cm long.

In addition, the trampoline can easily carry heavier weight and will steadily dig into the ground. Besides, anyone can enjoy their highest jump as it comes with an ultra-stable frame of 42 cm thickness. Moreover, it has been made rust-free, and the power-coated will prevent any weather influences as well.

Key Features

  • EXIT Dynamic ground trampoline is around 305 cm in length and 519 cm in width.
  • This trampoline is available in black color and is rectangular in shape.
  • The padding of this ground-level trampoline almost beat the comfort level of the grass.
  • It comes with extra long springs for a better jumping experience.
  • The safety net with overlapping doors that guarantee better protection.

Pros and Cons

This trampoline really comes with a bunch of advantages, and the super sturdy frame guarantees its durability. Plus, the luxurious appearance and excellent color details will give a modern look to it.

However, there is nothing much to mention as drawbacks. But you won't get it in any other color except black.

What makes it a good trampoline?

This trampoline is remarkable for its guaranteed safety system. The two glass fiber rings make sure that the safety net is in its strong footings. Furthermore, the foams are arrayed with a protective foam tier.

Why do we love it?

The manufacturer and all the systems are worthy of loving this product. Likewise, it is affordable and durable enough to carry any weight. Indeed there is no way to ignore such an excellent trampoline.

9. EXIT Dynamic ground level trampoline with Freezone safety tiles

If you are looking for a trampoline of rectangular shape and manufactured with top quality, EXIT Dynamic ground level trampoline is the one for you. This product is so renowned for its freezone safety tiles, and it confirms all-around protection too.

Especially, children can enjoy jumping and take their skills to the next level. Moreover, it has iconic double springs that are 25 cm long and will prevent any fall. Furthermore, the trampoline is galvanized, so there is a chance to get it rust.

Key Features

  • Shape: Rectangular
  • The Ultra-stable frame is 42 cm thick, so no worries while jumping higher.
  • This trampoline is constructed with a stylish and modern outer look.
  • The padding here gives the same level of comfort as the grass.
  • It comes 305 inches in length and 519 inches in width.
  • This trampoline is available only in black color.

Pros and Cons

The super sturdy frame is packed with this trampoline, and it is well-known for its ultimate durability. In addition, it keeps no chance for people to face any sort of accident. Indeed it gives proper protection in making the highest jump.

This product does not really have any drawbacks to mention. But we cannot avoid the fact of its price anyway. Indeed, it is a little pricey.

What makes it a good trampoline?

As it is mentioned that the product guarantees proper protection. The high-quality anti-slip mats here make sure that the person is safe and sound.

Why do we love it?

Indeed this trampoline has come with lots of surprises. The most prominent one is that there is no way of the accident as it gives great protection. Of course, this product has a bunch of reasons for loving it.

10. BERG Flatground Ultim Champion Trampoline

Another great product from BERG is this Flatground Ultim Champion. Likewise to the most appreciable trampolines of this brand, this one is also worth considering for sure. This is 22 percent extra-large size than the others to guarantee sufficient security.

Green and gray color options are up for grabs in this design. In addition, the well-built frame is attachable with an optional safety net. You should not miss this one since you won't find another trampoline with this particular facility.

Key features

  • Shape: Rectangular 
  • This trampoline has an exclusive and flagrant top frame.
  • It is available in size of 8ft 2 inches in width and 13ft 5 inches in length.
  • An airflow jumping mat supports up to 50 percent extra airflow.
  • You can adjust a net, and it will fit perfectly with the net.
  • Tubular shape of the trampoline makes it stronger and more durable.

Pros and cons

A playground trampoline like this is a very good one to go for. Because it is long-lasting with extra springs. The springs are made of considerable length. Therefore, it will ensure a smooth jump without any risk at all.

Even, there is hardly any issue to mention in cons. Yet if you have countless color options as a problem, then it's not your cup of team. This trampoline only offers two color options.

What makes it a good trampoline?

There are endless numbers of qualities to admire this high-standard trampoline. However, Twinspring springs are something that catches the eye. Those springs are implanted in a diagonal direction in this trampoline. So you can feel comfortable while jumping higher on it.

Why do we love it?

This trampoline has a bunch of unique features to mention. Let's focus on the Airflow jumping mat on top. Because of the mat, more than 50 percent of additional air permeation is possible here. Thus, the jumping area is inch-perfect.


What's the difference between Inground & Flatground Trampoline? 

For inground trampolines, it sits on the ground level. It just requires a hole under the jumping mat to clear the jumping area. Flatground trampolines need deeper holes and they are set up below the surface level. As Flatground trampolines don't have a safety net, for the ground level, it's easy to step on it. 

What are safer trampolines: Flatground or Out?

Flatground trampolines are safer than any others. Because it sinks into the ground, the stability of this trampoline is more than enough. Plus, as it's on the ground level, if the jumper falls out accidentally, there won't be any severe injuries. So, ultimately, Flatground trampolines are extremely safe.

How deep do you need to dig to install a Flatground trampoline? 

Without any obstacles like stones, dig the hole 3ft deeper for Flatground trampolines. You have to leave the hole for 24 hours to see if there is water that fills up into the hole. If everything is alright, then viola!

Are Flatground trampolines less bouncy?

Bounces depend on the airflow of the trampoline. On the above-ground trampolines, the bounces are higher because there is enough area to escape the air. But, on the playground trampoline, there is no height from the ground to the mat surface. You can increase the bounces by increasing the distance between the jumping mat and the ground.  

Are Flatground trampolines better?

Without any doubt, Flatground trampolines are better. These trampolines are ground-near level, have safety pads wrapped around the edges, and are sunk into the ground. Plus, Flatground trampolines are easier for children to use. So, overall these trampolines are much better! 


To find out the best flat ground trampoline can be somehow challenging. But you have got a lot of options to choose from. We can assure you that all these trampolines are good in build quality and material. So, we have mentioned all the faults of those products too.

So, it must be easier for you to choose the best one for yourself. Don't forget to inform us which one you are planning to try. We will wait for your feedback. Thank you.