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Collection: Best Climbing Frames for Kids

Top 10 Climbing Frames for 2021

If you want to encourage your kids to play outside more, simply add a climbing frame to your garden, and you won’t look back.
Climbing frames come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but we’ve put together a list of the best of the bunch to save you some time.
When choosing one for your garden, measure the available space first.
Remember to allow for a clearance area around the climbing frame.

1. FATMOOSE XL Climbing Frame

This one comes in at number one because it’s got such a lot going for it.
For children three years and over, it’s got everything they need to keep them entertained for hours at a time. It features a double swing, climbing ladder, climbing stones, wave slide, sandpit, two platforms, and extra play features.

Age range: 3+ years
Material: pressure-treated solid wood

Sturdy and durable
Excellent play features including a connection to turn the slide into a water slide
Relatively easy to put together for two adults and some basic tools
Sawn edges require sandpapering before your kids can play on it

2. Explorer Frame With Platform and Den

Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on a climbing frame. If your budget is limited, this Explorer Frame by TP Toys comes in at a very reasonable price.
The design is simple and is perfect if your kids just want something to climb on. It also doubles up as a treehouse.

Age range: 18 months-12 years
Material: Galvanised steel

Galvanised steel construction guaranteed for five years
Extendable height allows the frame to grow with your kids
Low price
Few features may leave your kids looking for other forms of entertainment

3. Dunster House Wooden Playhouse

This is not the cheapest of climbing frames, but you’ll understand why when you learn about the added features.
The wooden structure is large and includes climbing stones and steps up to a playhouse.
The playhouse has a balcony, and you can use it to access the wavy slide, monkey bars, and double swing set. There’s even a hidden den below.

Age range: 3-14 years
Material: Timber, thick plastic, and professional-grade polyresin

Construction includes pressure-treated wood for superior weatherproofing
Comes with ground anchors to fix to the ground
Includes lots of additional features and activities

One of the most expensive climbing frames out there

4. Niro Gymnastic Turnstation

This gymnasium climbing frame is a little different from most of the other climbing frames we’ve chosen.
It’s designed with climbing in mind and little else.
Rather than dens, swings, and slides, Niro has decided to go with nets, ropes, gymnastic rings, and multiple bars so your kids can fulfill all their climbing dreams.

Age range: 4+ years
Weight: 70kg
Material: Metal

High-quality German construction
Tested to European safety standards
Used in gymnasiums and schools
A little on the expensive side for many people’s budget

5. Wickey Climbing Frame with Smart Bridge

Constructed using pressure-treated timber, this climbing frame from Wickey has it all.
It includes swings, a slide, monkey bars, and a sandpit.
The well-thought-out design also includes a telescope and steering wheel. An all-weather tarp keeps the platform dry during a shower.
There is a 10-year guarantee on all wooden parts.

Age range: 3+ years
Weight: 70kg
Material: Wood

Safe and high-quality play centre and climbing frame
Full assembly instructions included
Durable and sturdy construction
Floor plan is a little on the large side and might be too big for some gardens

6. Plum Pyramid Wooden Play Centre Climbing Frame With Wave Slide

If your garden is a little on the small side, this wooden play centre climbing frame from Plum is an excellent choice.
The play centre includes a large double play deck, cargo net, ladder, metal running, 8ft wave slide, and rock wall with colourful foot and hand grips.
Camouflage side plans also allow it to be turned into a secret hideaway.

Age range: 3-12 years
Weight: 50kg
Material: Wood

Lots of activities provide endless entertainment
Constructed from premium FSC certified timber, complete with a five-year guarantee against insect damage and wood rot
Super-sturdy and strong
Challenging to assemble without an electric screwdriver

7. Smoby Multi-Activity Play Centre Climbing Frame

This is the perfect climbing frame if you’ve got toddlers you need to keep entertained.
Not only is it a climbing frame, but it’s also a playhouse with its very own picnic table.
The range of activities will keep them entertained, and because it’s low to the ground, there’s no risk of injury.
Other features include basketball and footie net, ladder, climbing wall, and slide.

Age range: 3+ years
Weight: 28kg
Material: Plastic

Blow moulded construction for extra stability
UV treated so it won’t fade in the sun
Well built, sturdy, and easy to put together
Children will outgrow it fairly quickly

8. TP Toys Explorer Metal Climbing Frame

If you’re looking for a climbing frame that will grow along with your kids, this metal climbing frame from TP Toys should fit the bill.
When at its lowest height, the frame is extendable and could be used by children as young as 18 months.
The climbing frame comes with a green den with a round viewing window and two entry/exit points.

Age range: 18months - 12 years
Weight: 40kg
Material: Steel

Height can be adjusted, making it ideal for a growing family
Includes slide and hideout den
Galvanised steel construction is sturdy and hardwearing
Takes a while to assemble

9. Little Tikes Jungle Climber

The Jungle Climber is great for both indoor and outdoor play.
It’s compact, plastic construction can be moved easily.
It’s built low to the ground, so it is perfect for younger kids.
It comes complete with a secret entrance and a multi-level climber.
There are also two platforms and a wavy slide.

Age range: 3-8 years
Weight: 33kg
Material: Plastic

Perfect climbing frame for young children
Colorful design
Easy to move around
Considered to be rather difficult to assemble

10. Plum Metal Dome Deimos Climbing Frame

This is great for developing your kid’s cognitive, motor, and climbing skills.
The geodome design is purely for climbing.
The construction is hardwearing steel tubes that have been galvanised and powder-coated.
This futuristic-looking climbing frame is strong, weatherproof, and UV resistant.

Age range: 3-10 years
Weight: 21kg
Material: Steel

Freestanding, so there’s no need to cement it in
Low maintenance
Instruction can be hard to follow
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