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Cirque de Soleil is Hiring - Jobs for Trampolinists!

It might not be for everyone but we thought that you'd want to know that Cirque de Soleil is Hiring - Trampolinist Jobs at Cirque de Soleil. 


Here Are A Few Other Career Ideas for Talented Trampolinists

Trampolinists are athletes who perform acrobatics and gymnastics on trampolines. They are often seen at circuses, amusement parks, gymnastics competitions, and other events where their talents can be displayed.
However, their skills and talents are not limited to just these settings. Trampolinists can also find a variety of employment opportunities in related fields such as performance, coaching, and physical therapy.


Performance Jobs

Trampolinists can find employment opportunities as performers in circuses, amusement parks, and other live performance venues. Many circuses and theme parks are always on the lookout for talented trampolinists who can add excitement and thrills to their shows.

These performers may work in traditional circuses or in more modern shows that incorporate trampoline acts. They may also perform in theme park shows or other live entertainment events.

Trampoline performance jobs usually require a high level of skill and training.

Trampolinists must be able to perform complex acrobatics, flips, and stunts while maintaining control and balance.

They must also be able to perform these tricks safely and reliably, which requires a great deal of strength and control.

Coaching Jobs

Trampolinists can also find employment opportunities as coaches. They can work in gymnastics facilities, sports clubs, and schools, teaching others how to perform trampoline tricks and routines.

Coaching trampoline can be a rewarding and challenging career path for experienced trampolinists who want to pass on their skills and knowledge to the next generation.

Coaching jobs require trampolinists to have a strong understanding of the sport and its rules. They must be able to evaluate a student's skill level and create customized training plans that will help them improve. Trampoline coaches must also be able to provide constructive feedback and help students work through challenges as they learn new skills.

Physical Therapy Jobs

Trampoline is a low-impact form of exercise that can be used for rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Trampolinists with a background in physical therapy or rehabilitation can find employment opportunities as trampoline therapists.

They can work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and sports clinics, using trampoline therapy to help patients recover from injuries and illnesses.

Trampoline therapy jobs require trampolinists to have a solid understanding of anatomy, physiology, and the principles of physical therapy.

They must also be able to evaluate a patient's physical condition and create customized therapy plans that will help them regain their strength and mobility.

Trampoline therapists must also be able to provide patients with guidance and support as they work through their therapy.

Other Jobs

In addition to the jobs mentioned above, trampolinists may also find employment opportunities in related fields such as sports equipment manufacturing and design.

Trampoline manufacturers are always looking for talented trampolinists who can provide input and feedback on their products. Trampolinists can also find work as consultants, helping schools and sports clubs choose the right trampolines and equipment for their needs.


Trampolinists have a wide range of employment opportunities available to them beyond just performing in circuses and amusement parks. They can find work as coaches, therapists, manufacturers, consultants, and event managers.

These jobs offer trampolinists the chance to use their skills and knowledge in new and exciting ways, and to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, there are many different career paths available to trampolinists.