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KidKraft Nerf Scout Defense Post

KidKraft Nerf Scout Defense Post

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Brace for battle and defend your territory with the KidKraft Nerf Scout Defense Post. This elevated fort-like structure has amazing 360-degree fun. Guard yourself with the shield, crawl tunnel and bunker. Store blasters and darts in handy built-in storage hooks and a mesh bag so they're ready when you need them. Make blaster battles a true challenge with spinning and spring-loaded targets to release the flag when captured. Rock climbing, rope rappelling and belly crawling complete the obstacle course vibe. The backyard becomes a riveting adventure any time you scale the Nerf Scout Defense Post by KidKraft.

Feature 1
Aim for the correct target to knock down the flag and claim victory
Feature 2
Crawl tunnel entrance is a stealthy way to emerge and blast
Feature 3
Rope ladder rappel wall gives an obstacle course vibe
Feature 4
Two rock climber routes provide challenging ways to ascend
Feature 5
Plastic defense shield lets kids guard themselves from the competition
Feature 6
Spinning target practice for challenging and rewarding shots
Feature 7
Bunker entrance with storage pockets and roll-up windows is perfect for extended surveillance missions
Feature 8
Emergency escape flap door provides a secretive, fast getaway
Feature 9
Blaster storage and prep area with mesh bag for darts lets kids always be ready for battle; and allows for clean up afterward
Feature 10
Made of wood for long-lasting adventures
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