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How to Find Your BERG Trampoline Serial Numbers

BERG trampolines are fantastic and are a very high-quality product, right down to their excellent warranties and after sales support.

BERG Trampoline Serial Numbers & Batch Numbers

Typically you need to find your trampoline safety number when you need to get a replacement product, whether under your warranty or not.

On your trampoline there will be 7 places to find your serial number, also known as the batch number.

  • box
  • manual
  • frame
  • padding
  • jumpmat
  • safety nets
  • safety poles

Where to Find BERG Trampoline Serial Numbers & Batch Numbers for Replacement Parts & Warranty Claims

We explain below exactly where to find the serial numbers for your trampoline.

1. box - check the white BERG label on your trampoline box, showing the article number and serial number/ batch number - see below.

serial numbers - sticker on box

2. manual - there will also be a product serial number sticker on the back of manual.

berg product serial number on manual

3. frame - on the bottom side of the frame and the inside of the frame, there will be an aluminium sticker showing the product serial number - see below.

berg serial number on trampoline frame

4. padding - on the product padding you will find the serial number -

(a) on the backside of the range nametag - eg Favorit, Champion, Elite

(b) at the seam on the padding, on the backside.

berg serial numbers on trampoline padding 

5. jumpmat - on the backside of the trampoline jump mat you will find a sewn in white label showing the serial number.

berg trampoline serial number on jumpmat

6. netting - there is a white fabric label between the bottom flaps on the entrance.

berg serial numbers on safety nets

7. pole - there will be an aluminium sticker on one of the steel poles and one of the steel clamps.

berg serial number on trampoline safety pole

For help with sourcing replacement parts or to find out more about the warranty on your trampoline phone us on 01 960 1641.

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