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Guide to Looking After Your Trampoline in The Winter

How to Take Care of Your Trampoline 

Your family will get a lot of use out of a trampoline in your property during the spring and summer months.

With long days and sunshine, they can play outside until the early evening and it makes a great outdoor toy for those playdates. You will find friends and family will love playing on the trampoline during summer BBQs and parties in your garden.

But what happens to your trampoline when summer has ended?

A lot of families end up not taking care of their trampoline properly during the winter and then end up with a broken piece of equipment by the time spring arrives.

And as an investment, you want the trampoline to last your children as they grow through the years. Therefore, we have put together a guide to looking after your trampoline during the winter.


Store the trampoline during the winter months

The most simple solution to your winter trampoline problem would be to take the trampoline down and store it inside through the harsher weather.

Of course, for a lot of families, this is not possible to store such a large item for months on end. But if you can store the item, it’s a great way to ensure it stays safe and in good condition.

Whether you place the trampoline in a shed, garage or even in a spare room, we recommend just removing the more sensitive items such as the surface, springs, safety pad and net which are more likely to get damaged.

You can then leave the poles and frame up in the garden. When spring arrives, you can then reassemble the trampoline and doing this will ensure you can use it straight away in the garden.



Purchase a cover for the trampoline

Another thing you could do to protect your trampoline during the harsh winter weather is to look into getting a cover for the trampoline. They come in different sizes to ensure it fits your trampoline correctly. Here are some reasons why a cover is a great essential for your trampoline during the winter months.

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Stop the mat from getting soaked


When there is a downpour during the winter months, your trampoline will get soaked. The next time your family go to use it, it will be slippery which could potentially lead to an accident. It can also take ages to try and dry out the mat.

Therefore, getting a cover to protect the trampoline from the rain will ensure the mat is protected and covered.


Stop your trampoline from becoming a home for wild animals


Wildlife might decide to use your trampoline as a place to hide during the winter months. But then you will be dealing with claw and teeth marks on your trampoline. Also, you might have to clean wildlife excrete from the trampoline too. Therefore, a cover will stop them from making a home on your trampoline.


Protect the springs from getting damaged


Another reason why a cover is ideal for the winter months is that the springs could end up perishing. After months of cold weather, the padding on the springs might begin to weaken leaving the springs exposed to the harsh rain and frost.

Once again, your best protection against this will be a trampoline cover. 

Keep the trampoline clean and dry


It’s essential during the winter months that you keep on top of cleaning the trampoline. You don’t want to find that after the winter months, the trampoline is in an unusable condition which could have been prevented with a few easy steps.


Remove snow from the trampoline


Firstly, remove the snow from the trampoline as soon as possible after a snowstorm. The frame might get damaged if too much moisture gets to it. And the mat will also get damaged from the winter weather as well as the springs which will end up needing to be replaced

Therefore, you need to use a broom or brush and remove the snow from the surface. Push it down and off the trampoline until it is clear and snow-free.


Get rid of leaves and debris


The same applies if there is a heavy leaf pile on your trampoline. So that moisture doesn’t affect the mat and springs on the trampoline, you need to remove these with a brush as soon as possible. Any debris should be removed as soon as possible.


Give it a good clean


You can also get rid of any dirt during winter by giving the mat, frame and springs a good clean. Avoid using any chemicals; just stick to soapy water to protect the trampoline for longer. Do this weekly during the winter months to keep it safe and clean.


Prevent wind damage


Another thing that can damage your trampoline during winter is the wind. If there is a heavy storm, the trampoline might end up shifting in the garden. It could end up knocking into other hard items during the storm or even end up hitting the fence causing severe damage.

To ensure your trampoline does go the distance, you should look at an anchor kit. These will stop your trampoline from moving positions and will keep them in a safe, sturdy place in your garden.

They attach to the legs of the trampoline and ensure you can tie it down safely. That way, you can feel rest assured in the winter months that the trampoline won’t end up damaged due to movement in gale winds.

 And remember to do a simple check before you let your family use the trampoline again after the winter months. After all, you don’t want to let your kids use it until you know it’s safe and secure.

Check that all the parts are still attached and nothing is missing after the spell of harsh winter weather. Look out for missing springs, bent frame parts or broken pads that might need to be replaced. You can then repair anything that is needed before they go on to use it again in the summer months.