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A Guide to Buying a Climbing Frame for your Kids

The Garden Climbing Frame Guide for Your Kids


One of the most popular pieces of playground equipment for your garden is a climbing frame.

They are a fun, long-lasting activity that kids of all ages enjoy using. And as well as providing kids will a ton of entertainment in your garden, they are also good for boosting their skills. A good climbing frame can help to boost their motor skills, their coordination and even boost their imagination.

But with so many on the market, it’s a tough choice deciding which one is right for your home. Therefore, here is our guide to buying a climbing frame for your kids, so that you can make a well-informed decision on the new climbing frame.


Why are climbing frames so popular?

You might be wondering why your family should opt for a climbing frame for their garden. After all, it’s a big decision on whether to purchase one for your garden.

But there are a lot of benefits to having one of these in your garden and they are extremely popular with families. Here are some of the benefits:


They are built to lasta climbing frame is not going to be a toy that you use for a year or two and then need to replace. They are made to last in your garden and will withstand tough weather. Your kid is unlikely to grow out of the climbing frame and will have years of fun on the popular piece of equipment.


They ensure children spend time outside -it’s so important that kids spend time outside in the fresh air for the sake of their health. And with a fun climbing frame, they will spend hours playing outside with their siblings. They will also burn a lot of energy while playing on the climbing frame.


They will have adventuresA climbing frame enables your child to get creative and use their imagination. Whether they are heading off to space or enjoying time in the jungle, the sky is the limit with the outside equipment.


It enables them to be social- It’s excellent for when you have multiple kids in your household. It’s so popular as they can play together and also when they have friends over, it’s great for them to play together to boost their social skills.


What are the different types of climbing frames available?


So now we have discussed why it’s good to get a climbing frame, it’s worth considering what type you want to go for. After all, there is different types of climbing frames available to buy.

They all vary when it comes to size and activities that you might want for your children. The climbing frames are built with different layers and you can go for something quite small with one or two activities or a larger climbing frame which has a wealth of activities.


When you are looking at climbing frames you will find the following on the most popular ranges:

Types of Climbing Frames & Accessories: 

A playhouse- a great area for your child to play and enjoy

A slide- kids love to go on a slide and will use it time and time again

A swing set- you could go for an individual swing, a double seat swing or even a baby swing

A ladder- they will have so much fun climbing up on the ladder

A monkey bridge- perfect for boosting their balancing and climbing skills

A see-saw- your children can play on this together to have a great time

A sandpit- a lot of climbing frames have a sandpit included for some extra fun.


What might be a good fit for your children?


Now we have talked about what a climbing frame is and the different types available, the next factor is which one would be right for your family. After all, with a wealth of choice, it’s tough to decide between them all. There are some easy ways to discover which one is the best fit for your children.

Things to Think About When Buying A Climbing Frame-


Age- When choosing the best climbing frame for your family, you need to consider the age of your kids. You don’t want one which is aimed at a child much younger or older than yours.

You will find when looking at climbing frames that some are aimed at the under 3’s. The ones for the toddlers often include extras such as belts and safety seats and the height of the equipment will be smaller.

If you have older kids, it’s important to go for something which is bigger and will have more to do to keep them busy. Most climbing frames aimed at the 3 plus market tend to go up to 10 years old.


Activities – The other way you can choose the best frame for your kids is to consider what they enjoy the most at the park. As discussed earlier, you can get a whole range of apparatus for your kids.

Therefore, it’s worth considering what they will enjoy the most and what will be used by your family all the time when picking out the perfect climbing frame. You don’t want something that will never be used as your kid isn’t keen on heights or isn’t a fan of playhouses.


Size- You need to also consider the size when finding the right frame for your family. You want something suitable for your garden space. If your garden is on the smaller size, it’s worth looking at a climbing frame with one or two swings and a slide.

Whichever climbing frame you choose, you need to ensure there is enough space around the frame for them to use it safely and it is a good distance from the paths. To ensure it’s a long-term investment, go for something that your children can grow with.


Materials- To ensure you go for the right choice, it’s also worth thinking about the materials. Most climbing frames come in wood, plastic or metal. If you have younger kids, you should consider plastic which is easier to clean and use.

If you do want to go for wood, you need to treat it regularly to keep it in good condition. You want a climbing frame of good quality, so make sure you choose wisely for the material.

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